Chris Hayes, MSNBC Commentator, Questions "Hero" Designation for Military Members

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Chris Hayes, a political commentator on MSNBC, has created quite a stir - on Memorial Day of all days - for remarks he made yesterday in regard to the designation of military personnel as "heroes."

The journalist said he feels "uncomfortable" throwing that word about because it is "so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war." In other words: How can we refer to someone as heroic if we disagree with the cause for which he or she died?

It certainly seems like an odd way to make a point about war. Surely we can differentiate between policy and the troops carrying out that policy in the name of a country they love, can't we? Watch the clip and form your own opinion.

Should Chris Hayes apologize for these comments?


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I have one question for you, have you ever served this country in the military? Until you have shut your mouth.


People and their feelings! I'm uncomfortable, I'm offended, I feel bullied. It has gotten to the point where everyone is so caught up in their feelings. I don't believe in a violent approach but this " Uncomfortable" Bullshit is just another way to say I don't like Americas Definition of a Hero. These of course are people who would not dare criticize Kanye West -A Rapper Pop Culture Icon for snacking the microphone out of Taylor Swifts Hand because it would be " Racist" to accuse. Of course these commentators are Obama supporters. This culture is the cancer of society.


Meg, the guy's a liberal buffoon and a shill for MSNBC. Don't try to justify what he said. He has only confirmed what liberals actually believe, and that is that there is no glory in being a member of the US military. Also, please do not compare our military with the other factions that you mentioned. That is dishonorable. If your father is a wounded Vietnam Vet, then he should not agree with your claims either. Vietnam was a horrific situation, but we learned many lessons from it. "And yes I have some experience with war", since my family has an extensive history with all branches of the military.


He said is "so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war." Translation: Hes uncomfortable using the word because it evokes emotions that are so easily exploited to justify unjust wars. Wanna bet that the soldiers who prop up Assad Regime in Syria are not being called "HEROES" in order to keep them fighting for that dictator. Do you think Hitlers Youth and the SS were not constantly being feted as "HEROES" to keep them from losing morale. How about Al Qaeda; dont you know that the boys who commit suicide bombings are celebrated as the 'GREATEST OF ALL HEROES" just so that more boys will volunteer to die? He did not say American soldiers were not heroes. He just said that hes uncomfortable with rhetoric that is too easily abused. Nuance people - look it up. And yes I have some experience with war, as my dad lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam and was one of the founders of VVAW.


JB- you are a freaking idiot. I'm not sure what you are referring to when you speak of a "nice payout" but as a military spouse who technically qualifies for food stamps, I can assure you that there is no such thing with this lifestyle. Enjoy your freedom and the fact you dont speak german. My husband and his fellow servive people gave that luxury to you.


Is a hero paid to be one? I dont think there would be so many 'heroes' if they didnt get a nice payout.


Now this weak bucket of " Horse shit" comes back and apologizes! I HOPE ALL YOU YOUNG PEOPLE OUT THERE SEE- THIS IS A POSTER CHILD LIBERAL! Once he realizes that he has pissed off the Democratic Party he apologizes! he along with All Liberal Americans are UnAmerican! They hate the way this Country was founded and now he tucks tail and runs! Just like Obama and the rest! They talk rights as they stand back and watch the slaughter in Syria! What a pathetic group this is.


Chris Hayes, you are an asshole, you tell the parents of those soldiers being shipped home in metal caissons that their children were not heroes, or tell a five year old boy as he looks down at his fathers flag draped casket the same. Sign the dotted line and put on the uniform, or shut the fuck up!


When Chris dies, I will be the first not to call him a hero...


Anne COulter said it best, better men and women than chris Hayesd are protecting his freedom to menstruate , daily.