Brandi Glanville: Wanting to "Kill" LeAnn Rimes is a Figure of Speech

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville admits she's got quite a temper and likes to speak her mind, but does not actually wish to kill LeAnn Rimes.

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    Leann is nothing but a cheap ho and her new husband is a dirtbag. I can't stand people like them.


    You people need to get over yourself it happened they fell in love,and you act like it never happens witch sadly it happens all the time.GET over your self's I love Leann Rimes and always will I wish she would sue that stupid little bitch that stole her song I wanna fall in love because I can't find I wanna fall in love sang by the real SINGER!!!!



    We know that Leann pays these sites because NO ONE likes Leann, which is reflected by her poor album and single sales and the fact that Leann is riding the coattails of Kim K, Meiko, and Rob Thomas just to stay relevant. Leann's fans have bragged about how she sends them gifts, so if she sends her fans gifts after they were observed harassing Brandi on twitter, then we know that she is sending media outlets like ROL and Celebuzz money and gifts everytime they write a negative article about Brandi. It also doesn't help that the fan who bragged about receiving texts from Eddie also tweets to people who work for sites like Celebuzz and ROL and HuffPo. Leann and her fan aren't very bright. They do all this in everyone's eyesite and then can't figure out why everyone knows that she has deals with those media outlets.


    How do you know Leann paid these cheap....low life magazines money? You don't! Just rumors your repeating.


    she is so beautiful i cant believe her husband left her for that mouse looking Rimes what was he thinking what a user he is .


    For someone who claims that they are afraid of Brandi why did Leann just pay The Dailymail to write an article about how Leann is mocking Brandi? They are printing that Leann wore a heart shirt yesterday(the day after she had ROL and Celebuzz release those negative stories about Brandi) to mock Brandi, and everyone knows that The Dailymail is Leann's mouthpiece. So Leann continues to taunt Brandi using media outlets, why isn't anyone calling her out on this?


    That woman flosses her butt crack with her bikini.


    Leann and that Eddie cat must eat a lot of lemons. They got squinty eyes.


    I do not like nasty old Leann.


    I use to love Leann's music, but now you couldn't GIVE me one of her CD's. She is pure trash as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who would cheat on her husband (AND with a married man!!!) is trash. I don't know the other lady, but who could blame her for wanting to kill the woman who ruined her marriage. Her kids will never have the innocence back. They won't be able to look up to their father OR his tramp!

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