Kris Humphries on Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West: Whatever Man!

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Kris Humphries is so over Kim Kardashian.

According to sources close to the NBA star, that is. The New Jersey Nets forward is said to be "completely indifferent" to the news Kim is dating Kanye West.

Simply put, Kris is focused on the divorce being finalized and not concerned with Kim's new relationship(s). They split up for a reason, after all.

With each passing day, Kris is more sure than ever that Kim "doesn't represent the things he believes in" and wants to wash his hands of her.

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As for Kanye West's "Theraflu" assertion that he could've had Nets co-owner Jay-Z kick Humphries off the team, Kris' friends note - correctly - that Jay does not even make personnel decisions, and regardless, the mogul is a fan of Kris.

Meanwhile, a report in Star (we know, we know), says Kris doubts Kim's faithfulness to him during their incredibly long marriage ... yadda yadda yadda.

“Kris knows that while he was with Kim, he was completely faithful and has serious doubts that she could say the same,” a fake Humphries insider said.

Star even goes as far as to say that “Kris found out that Kim was cheating with Kanye West while they were engaged,” an insider told the magazine.

“Kris knows for a fact that this dalliance has been going on at least two years.”

So he has serious doubts, yet knows for a fact? Way to keep your story straight, fake tabloid source. Still, it wouldn't be surprising, knowing Kim.

“Kris knows that Kanye NEVER would have recorded those lyrics about Kim without her permission, period,” says the insider of West's new track.

Probably true. Nothing about Kim is unscripted.



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Kris Humphries on Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West: Whatever Man!
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Have fun


This is so old news, kim just wants attention that's all!! So people get over it and mind your own business.


Who are we to judge? live and let live. fullstop.


Bottom line chris was a asshole to kim...
Who did not know how to treat a lady ....
Its sad kim did not see it from the start
And got her self in a big mess over all
Wish her the best along with chris hope
They find love and peace in there life....


You all need to realize what you are doing. Fighting each other over Kim, Kris, and Kanye. Also, half of you can barely construct a sentence and/or type correctly. Stop worrying about these celebrities, go back to school, pick up a grammar book, and please study!


Kris Hum is loser, he was a nobody n big is a BOMB.I'm on TEAM KIM


Kris Hum is a loser,he was a nobody n dishonest. Kim is BOMB.I'm just on team KIM


Best thing I've heard Kris say so far, Even before they were married,he thought her to be impractical and the females of the family were so in to themselves they couldn't have fun. Best thing she eve did for him,was divorcimg him,hell find someone sooo much better


worst of them... the mother, waht a disgrece to call her that when she prostitute her children


Kim loves men with lots of money, and she loves to have sex. Point blank. A girl like that( least she portrays to be that way ) is NOT wifey material. She isn't. I wouldn't marry her. Kris is moving on hopefully, and if he still has feelings for her, I hope he does not let it be known. She's money hungry just like her mother. If Kanye is dating her, he better not fall in love. He better hit it, keep it close, then move on when the lust runs its course.

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