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Kanye West raps in "Theraflu" about PETA, Wiz Khalifa and... Kim Kardashian?!? He says he was in love with the plastic reality star.

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FUCk kanye,fuck the song,fuck kim and if you wonna be down with them fuck you too


Kanye West is an embarrisment to all forms of music. This song can only be described as a jumbled-up-fuck-cluster. It has no meaning, serves no purpose, and lacks any form of lyrical depth. These lyrics read like Kanye threw some words in a hat, dumped it out, and then lined the words into a fucked up sequence. The fact that mass audience likes this shit concerns me nearly as much as the AIDS epidemic. This fact should concern everyone, because it means that a large precentage of mankind is moving backwards in the evolutionary process.


All ya'll niggaz should eat a dig u cock blockers , kanye is ill all the way to the bank, tel me who's iller drake?? Suck my dick while I'm taking a shit. We all know who's the illest.


მდ���ჰ მე მევ�სებ� ეგ სიმღერ� თ�ვისი ტექსტიტ I may be bad buti'm perfectly good at itsex in the airI dont care I love the smell of it


why yall hatein he still getin big money


Hmm!rely Nat bad @ all


R all of u deaf that song is the sh%t...Yeaaaah


MY EARS ARE BLEEDING....30 seconds in....Terrible song!


People are to funny, saying they don't like this song. Lets hear what you've got then ,were is your song? I'm ready I'm listening! This song is hot, weather it's produce by him or not nice job yeezy.


this dope-matic

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