Heidi Klum Files For Divorce From Seal

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It really is over.

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    she is fucked whit a black man years, whore sold the white race.....


    Dunno why some mean people say Seal is ugly. He actually has nice features, and his children are so cute. It's the scars on his face that take away from his looks. If he had a bad temper, it's better they parted. As far as the racial thing so many people talk about, maybe they liked/loved each other. What's so unusual about that??


    Why white women feel the need to go with ugly black guys remains a mystery. Often they are abused, they get mixed gene kids, etc.. Always seems to be problems.


    ooh lord,i guess some things will never change,and one of them is racism.a lady like amanda is in her own community with her racist friends and family,shame,why do you visist this site if you hate black people soo much,crazu=y little racist


    @Ginger/ I kick myself for telling you but the Easter bunny isn't real either. so many happy ones/ yes I can't get through the crowds of them.


    the pic above is vomit-worthy,thats what these dumb,liberal,socially engineered white chix are about in 2012:Shock value!

    Most white men and white women in I.R. relationships have mommy & daddy issues or just want attention period -Roll over beethoven tell Shamika the news!


    ginger the only time interracial couples work is when the black ones act white. otherwise, no white person is going to put up with ghetto behavior for the long haul. if black people behave themselves and keep their 'tude in check, perhaps a white person can tolerate them.


    Why do people have to make it a racist issue? This couple has decided that they are no longer in love and have gone seperate ways with their lives. It has nothing to do with color. There are so many happily married inter-racial couples.
    Maybe they will be better friends not being a couple and therefore be good parents for their children, not having acimony between them.

    Grow up people who only see their divorce as a color thing...


    I can't believe how backward and racist this entire thread is! Damn. All that dating "up and down" stuff. Seriously? In the 21st century you are still speaking this way? Sad. Very sad. Let me guess ... you're all devout Christians too, right? You know following the Master Teacher who said love your brother as yourself. I can't actually remember him saying ... just your white brothers or black brothers, do you?


    Its so nice to see that there is no racism left in the world! And contrary to what many believe, all woman dont date men based on how big their junk is! Get real and grow up. Quit bashing people bashed on your own prejudice. And black people say white people are the racist ones? Seems alot of black people are racist too, dont it?

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