Sammi Sweetheart on Snooki Pregnancy: What a Blessing!

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It's official: Snooki is totally preggers.

No, the Jersey Shore star is not married to Jionni LaValle. And, yes, she drinks both often and heavily. But people must stop giving this pint-sized trainwreck such grief says someone who has often held her hair back on the bathroom floor.

"It's not like she's 16 and pregnant," Sammi Giancola told E! News. "She's doing her thing, she's living her life and I just think she's blessed. I can't wait to see a little guido or guidette running around. I just think it's going to be so exciting."

Sammi Giancola Photograph
Snooki's Pregnant!

What about Snooki and LaValle's wedding? (Note: Did you see that engagement ring?!?) Sammi is psyched.

"I can see her having a cheetah or zebra print-themed wedding because she loves animal print... I'm excited for them. I just can't wait to party for the wedding and do all the fun things she has coming in her life now."

Do you think Snooki will make a good mother?


Good Lord!! Shes awful inside and out!!


I think snookie will be a wonderful mother and i wish her the best AND TO ALL THE HATERS !!!!FUCK OFF!!! Get a life


All Youu quys that aree sayinq that she wont be a qreat mom aree all WRONG because she will be a qreat mom for that child that is cominq her way all youu quys are just haters nd iknoee that she will be a qreat mom no matter what nd youu quys have to respect that nd thee way she is because that is howw she is nd no one kan chanqe that she will be a qreat mom to her BABY ndd never knoee ones that baby qets older nd if she is a qirl she will be just lykee her mom PRETTY and CRAZY!




I feel awful for the child already, it will get so much crap because of its skank mother. The kid is bound to be as dumb as its mother! ABORTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE!!!

Tequila911 might just be right..


Love snooks congratulations


hi, suckerrrsss


she makes some very good point. Alot of people dont give snookie enough credit. Having a baby changes you. Just look at nicole richie! She was such a party girl, then she had a baby & is a different person for the better.

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