Report: Britney Spears Offered $10 Million to Judge The X Factor

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Simon Cowell is reportedly putting a sizable amount of money where his headline-making mouth is.

A week after telling Billy Bush he's "fascinated" by Britney Spears and impressed by her "star power" and "resilience," reports are now surfacing that Cowell and The X Factor producers have offered the pop sensation $10 million to come on board as a season two judge.

Brit Brit

The news comes soon after Janet Jackson turned down a rumored X Factor offer and a few weeks after Cowell shot down the notion that he made a $100 million offer to Beyonce.

No word yet from Spears or any reps regarding the possibility of her hiring, but should she accept this deal? Would Britney make a strong X Factor judge?


I like Britney Spears, I dont know how her carrer is now, but at the time she was talented. I think she will be able to do the judging and directing of her crew. and I think anyone would be lucky to work with her and learn from her. All I want to see on these shows is some real honesty, not just sticking up for the crew you have but to judge all the contestants on their singing abiliby. Sure you are given a crew to train and direct. but after that you are a judge. A judge for all the contestants. just be fair thats all I want to see.
L.A. Reid is no good is is biased and he should have left.


Britney is OK in the Judge The X Factor. It is not OK that the anonymouse like "vangyyy" judge about it, who presented nothing in showbiz.


Britney is OK to judge The X factor. IT´s not OK that anonymous judge to someone who isn´t "something" in


They should consider Fergie. She's a successful artist in both group and as a solo. Not to mention she can sing and dance. They just want to revive the rivalry of britney and christina.


she is she can dare to judge other artists?? she has no voice..she is lipping all the time...her stage performance was good at her prime now it sucks...she is nothing...and thats why she cannot judge anyone...


she is talentless....


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She's beautiful, love her, love her music. Brit would be a great addition to the show, can't wait!


Shes adorable...I would love her there!!


@justme Ohhhhhh, I agree with you! Britney=No Talent=No need to tune in.

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