Racist Morons React to The Hunger Games: Rue is Black?!?

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Let's get this out of the way:

On page 45 of Suzanne Collins' novel, on which The Hunger Games is based, the author writes of Rue: "She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that's she's very like Prim in size and demeanor..."

So, yes, any reader of this franchise should be aware that the female Tribute from District 11 is African-American, as portrayed by Amandla Stenberg on the big screen. Not that it should matter, of course... but apparently it does to a slew of supposed fans

Consider the ignorant, racist Tweets many have sent over the past few days:

Racist Tweets

Fortunately, these idiots are in the minority, as The Hunger Games sky-rocketed to a record-breaking box office haul this weekend and has been generally well received by critics and theater goers alike.

As for these morons? If only Katniss could get them in her bow-and-arrow crosshairs...

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Ok people, I'm gonna say something that'll prob piss a lot of people off but it needs to be said. It is not wrong to say "I didn't imagine Rue would be black". Ok so maybe their dumbasses for not reading properly but its not racist to imagine her appearence differently. That said, it IS wrong to say "Rue being black ruined the movie" or something that is also actually insulting about the actor's race. That's racist, ignorant and just plain douchebaggy. So, to all those who said "I didn't imagine her to be that dark", READ PROPERLY otherwise your alright but to those dickheads, and you know who you are, STHU!!!


Thank you author, finally some common sense!


I, too, could not stop crying upon the death of Rue, who is my favorite character in the movie. Both of these actresses did an amazing job!


What the hell is wrong with all you haters Obama's black, MLK is black, i'm black, so are you going to hate all of us when we are in movies and on television? Or what about lil wayne, j.z., usher, etc. do you hate them cause their black? What if Jesus or God's black will yo hate them? you are all heartless. Whats wrong with Rue being black she is a great actress and i bet you can't even act. Also, what about all the great BLACK people actors,actresses, singers,etc. are you just going to stop watching movies because theirs one black person in it i think yo won't. So don't talk shit online just keep it in your own damn mind... and leave the rest of us the hell alone.


blog.mrblacksmokemonster.co.uk Clearly the morons have nothing better to do. I remember the Tools that made an issue about Idris Elba being in the Thor film.


wtf how r u gonna like the hungergames and then not because rue is black like all of u people r haters cuz shes pretty well too bad deal with it u r immature and whoever is racist needs to go back in the day cuz wakeup noone is racist anymore get with 2012 and stop acting like little bitches and grow the fuck upppppppppppppppppppp


in the book it said she has dark skin so if you dont want to read probably then dont even bother watching the film you racist people


I feel awful for this girl, how does she feel about these comments. I heard someone thought the death wasn't sad enough because she was black. "Yeah a little 12 year old died awww, wait she's black, meh." How unfair is that!