Lindsay Lohan SNL Ratings: An Epic WIN!

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Lindsay Lohan's highly touted appearance on Saturday Night Live was met with mixed reviews, at best. But that didn't stop her from earning big ratings for NBC.

The 25-year-old actress, who has hosted the late night show four times, brought the program to #1 in it time slot, beating out all other shows on major networks.

Additionally, Lindsay‘s episode is now counted as the second-most watched SNL of the season, with NBA legend Charles Barkley taking the top spot in 2011-12.

Lindsay on SNL

A platinum blonde Lohan blew off the initial negative reviews and celebrated her heavily panned hosting gig at an after-party with the rest of the SNL cast.

The star whose acting ability was called into question last night, stepped out in a trendy black and white ensemble and appeared oblivious to the criticism.

In an effort to show support, Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan joined in, as did SNL regular Kristen Wiig, producer Lorne Michaels and musical guest Jack White.

While Lindsay hosting SNL was supposed to help her comeback, it was met with scathing press instead. She appeared nervous, stiff and reliant on cue cards.

Many Twitter users were even more critical than the media. Wrote one: "This may be the first time Lindsay Lohan had trouble doing lines." Ba-dum-ching.

Lindsay on SNL: funny or fail?


You go girl. I love you, Lindsay Lohan.


She was great


"Give the girl a break"? That's what they've been doing for the last 5 years. I believe giving her the opportunity to appear on SNL was a break also, so she gets break after break. People in the entertainment industry are well paid for their time, so people paying to see movies, television shows, etc can expect more for their money than what was presented on SNL by Lohan. She's 25, time to stop blaming the parents, the writers, or whoever and go see a shrink on a regular basis if the blaming game is still a problem. Quit with the excuses and get to work on being a better actress.


I guess everyone is perfect but her give her a break


I think lohen is on the right track. She did well on snl but she is trying to. pull her life back together.


she dont deserve to even be on television,she is a loser....lets see...I do drugs,drink ,wreck cars,fight..really good role model,now lets put me back on tv...what a joke


Your understanding of 'epic win' is an epic was Firecrotch.


Give the girl a break. With parents like hers and that Hollywood crowd it's no wonder she has gone through what she has.


Jesus, people tear her apart because she's not getting her life together and then they tear he apart when she does. Maybe when everyone's done with her New Jersey will lower there flag for her too.

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