Karrueche Tran Tweets Chris Brown Pic; Sending Message to Rihanna?

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Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, has taken to the Twitterverse to send out a nice, subtle message that the R&B singer belongs to her. TO HER!

Also belonging to her? Some cute puppies!

“Basquiat & Bruno

Chris Brown, Dogs

It's easy to interpret this as a statement that it's a Karrueche Tran, not Rihanna, who's up close and personal with him, taking photos with dogs and the like.

Karrueche’s tweet came after a series of alarming tweets earlier in the week in which that Tran reportedly received death threats from some Rihanna fans.

“Sitting in the house cuz I’m too scared to go out,” she tweeted about those threats. “Sometimes you just got to make the best out of a negative situation.”

By riling them up even more by posting pics of Chris with her dogs?

In any event, there's nothing really to this story, just conjecture ... read into the picture above - and Chris Brown and Rihanna's remixes - however you like.

And Rihanna Tweeting another rice cake pic in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...


Y'all if u r a chris brown fan u should be saying what every makes him happy right now he is happy with karrueche


I don't think that there is any point in saying: I LOVE CHRIS BROWN AND RIHANNA TOGETHER. He is currently seeing Karrueche and has been for a long time. Yes - there has been feuds on twitter between Karrueche and Rihanna but people now have to accept that Karrueche is his girlfriend and Rihanna is just his friend. So what if he's dating someone? He's young, there will be many more relationships to come. Oh and by the way I'm definitely with Chris and Karrueche but I would support anyone he is going out with. So forgive Chris Brown for his past- Rihanna has, so you should too.


I find it funny when 'fans' go past the limit to either critisize rihanna or cheis brown. As stars you'd expect them to have credentials but nope they create turmoil on social sites. And 'gullable' fans get involved in the drama, that is unecessary. No one has a say in their triangle of love , as fans you should sit back and watch these immature stars battle it out .


Rihanna needs to stop hatin on chris and his new girlfriend she just jealous because karrueche got him and she don't it was her lost not his and their business is none of her business so she should just stay out of karrueche's way she has him so rihanna needs to get over it....point blnk period!!!!!


She just want money from chris no love , rihanna & chris there love each other


what jannita said!!!!!!


I think rihanna should leave chris and tran alone!!she shld move on an forget him!i love tran an chris!so dramafree


rianna is good with chris brow i love chris and rianna


If Rihanna is *desperate* and goes back with Brown, then she will have to take the PUNISHMENT, at will. Once they do it and APOLOGIZE, it is always EASIER to do it or REPEAT it the second time. YOUR ASKING FOR IT.(PUNISHMENT)


Chris brown look like a crackhead in this pic

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