Karrueche Tran Likens Self to Angelina Jolie, Chris Brown to Brad Pitt, Rihanna to Jennifer Aniston?

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The latest rumor in the strange saga of Rihanna and Chris Brown comes to us from Ms. Karrueche Tran, his girlfriend, and an interesting remark she wrote on Facebook.

Chris and Karrueche seem on solid ground despite his musical (and purported, but not confirmed, sexual) collaborations with Rihanna. But is there tension brewing?

This weekend, Rihanna Tweeted the following picture with the caption "Ima make u my bitch." Some actually interpreted this as a veiled shot at Karrueche Tran:

Rihanna's Rice Cakes
Karrueche Pic

In response, or maybe just randomly, Karreuche took to Facebook and made a comment that sure seems like a commentary on Chris' relationship status.

That and the fact that she's got the upper hand. She wrote on Facebook:

"I'm Angelina, You're Jen. C'mon you see where Brad is at."

If that was a diss, it was a decent one. Nice use of celebrity gossip knowledge to make the point that Chris Brown is hers now and imply that he's got no interest in Rih.

What do you think of Karrueche Tran's FB post? Was it in response to Rihanna's rice cake diss? Was Rihanna's Tweet really just about eating rice cakes?


Cockaroach is funny as hell. She Angie, He Brad and Ri is Jen... Angie seems to have better control over her man though? Once you reach that level, then purhaps the tough talk would make sense. She got balls though...hang in there for that baby Cockaroach - we all know that's all you are waiting for. Team BreezRi


Idk what to say but all i know is that proably later on like in some years chris brown might break up with her


Cockroache....u betta watch yourself...making fun of West Indians not cool. You r nothing but another in CBs tour. Enjoy ur 15 mins and leave Riri alone....roach


Tran copied that saying off nicki manaj .. From the song called stupid hoe... " I'm Angelina , ur Jennifer .. Common bitch , u see where brad at" ... Tran needs to come up with her own diss


Rihanna need someone too love her not trick her, i will just say she should forget about chris because he doest love her at all if she can see datt and for chris he is stupid for playing too women at once...


I guess racism is unique to one race


Don't blame it on Rihanna only, Chris Brown been on Ri's ass and the asian girl was making fun of ri on videos i mean i think it's fair


Ok lets be honest riahnna is stupid as hell because wen Chris beat her she let everyone ono he did and took him to court and Nw she want him vac she a stupid hoe she need to leave that Asian girl alone because Chris ha man Nw so she need to hop off ha Dick and leave them both alone and isn't weird he riahnna dyed her hair Blondel lil Chris brown that's crazy but yen she a stupid hitch and I liv Chris breeeeeeezy brown:)


Just becuz rihanna is darker than Tran, doesnt mean shs wrong for the rice cake photo.. that actually makes no sense. jus because im darker than u, i cant make a racist comment? not that it was right but jus becuz shes darker shouldnt justify her bein racist. i love Trans comment to rihanna though, she does hav wat rihanna obviously wants!


All 3 of them are disgusting, gross people. Chris Brown has anger issues & is violent to women, a pathetic immature creep. Rhianna goes around forcing her nude breasts on people (public decency laws anyone?) then posts a racist photo of rice cakes in jewelry aimed at Tran's asian ethnicity & is stupid for wanting a violent abuser back. Tran shouldn't even want to be with Chris Brown, why lower herself? All 3 are disgusting.

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