Justin Bieber to Be Sued Over Cell Phone Prank?

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Justin Bieber may be all about practical jokes these days - check out this clip from the season premiere of Punk'd - but at least two people in Texas don't fight the singer very funny.

Justin Bieber at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Last month, Bieber sent out nine-tenths of a phone number, along with the message "Call me right now." Naturally - despite the Tweet being taken down soon after it went live - many teenage girls followed this advice, simply guessing the identity of the final digit.

Unfortunately for Bieber (and even more unfortunately for the countless fans hoping to hear his sweet, sexy voice), two residents in Texas - identified by TMZ
as Dilcie and Kent - are now threatening legal action against the star because their phones won't stop ringing.

A lawyer for these plaintiffs says his clients demand compensation for the fact that they are receiving up to 1,000 phone calls per day. What does the attorney suggest?

Concert ticks, an apology from Bieber or, of course, straight up cash.

No word yet from Justin's camp, excerpt perhaps a bit of laughter over just how absurd these charges would sound if ever brought to court.


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send me now yes make upset yes


He is got some good songs


He is got some good songs he is all write


jb please give me your phone number i love you an i cant pay for tickets i don live incanada and i live way on the othe ide of it


Love You Justin!!!
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Do you know why we hate? I have no prob with his music, but it's that I'm a composer and I HATE songs with uncreative (is that a word) lyrics. And please control that temper. Oh, yeah and "baby, baby, baby, ooh, baby..." You LIKE that?!? It's just 2 WORDS! And the "prank" is a horrible CRIME commited by a teenage BOY.


justin bieber i love you so much that i want to see you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
love you so much

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