I'm Addicted: Madonna's New Song Leaks

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The latest Madonna song leak has hit the Internets.

Just three weeks before the release of the pop icon's new studio album, MDNA, a snippet of one of its tracks, "I'm Addicted," is making the rounds.

With its strong electronic beats and lyrics like "I need to dance," this is a tune that will no doubt get some major play on the radio and at the clubs.

What's it sound like? Hear it for yourself right here:

Meanwhile, there are rumors running rampant that "I Don't Give A," also from the singer's upcoming disc, is actually a dig at ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

According to the New York Post, the tune includes such lyrics as:

"I tried to be a good girl / I tried to be your wife / Diminished myself / Swallowed my light / I tried to become all / That you expect of me."

"And if it was a failure / I don't give a [bleep]."

Certainly one way to get people talking. MDNA drops March 27. Other notable tracks: "GIRL Gone Wild" (not girls) and "Give Me All Your Luvin."


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