Hollie Cavanagh Proves "The Power of Love" on American Idol

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Simply put, in the words of Randy Jackson, Hollie Cavanagh "blew it out of da box" on American Idol last night.

The season 11 finalist showed no fear in covering "The Power of Love," a ballad made famous by one of the best voices in the history of music, Celione Dion.

But Cavanagh made that superstar proud during her performance, belting out strong note after strong note and likely taking the title of Female Favorite away from Jessica Sanchez.

Can Hollie speed it up? Can she ace anything but slow tempo love songs? Does it matter? Those are questions for next week. For now, just sit back and enjoy one of the best auditions of the year:

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Hollie failed the last note.. and that's a shame. I don't know why judges seems to forget it. Jessica is by far better than Hollie. Jessica's performance is unbelievable for 16y/o, that proves she can sing more genre than Hollie.


Theme jessica all the way...go go go...


Hollie has a powerful voice yet she could only belted out one type of music just ballad ballad and ballad and she can't swing her voice. Jessica has proven to be versatile! She really has to speed it up to be able to catch up Jessica!


Really loved Colton last night - Hollie needs to dress and sing
more hip songs. Wasn't crazy about her performance last night
Joshua did a great job.


i really don't understand why the judges didn't like jessica's rendition of "turn the beat around" but i think it was really good and jessica didn't play safe by taking that song because she want's to show everyone that she's not only good at singing ballads and i have nothing against hollie but i think she's pitchy last night and she looks trying hard on hitting those high notes


My favorite is Jessica Sanchez....although she really wasn't the best last nite, You can't be perfect everytime....i think she is multi-talented and Hollie as well....In the end America will decide, so it's still way to soon to tell who will be the winner...I also thought Joshua Ledet was unbelievable....wow he can sing his heart out....he should definitely been in the top 5.....




@mhely...jessica failed hard on that gloria estefan song, no flare, too robotic as usual, really got nothing on hollie cavanagh. Hollie is cuter (by far) has a powerful voice in that little tiny body witch is amazing and although she had a few minor pitch prolems also, she sings with so much authenticity and passion, that I can feel it and I believe her when she sings......jessica NOT AT ALL....that's the difference....anyone can try to belt out the highest notes or power notes, or try to be the best technically sound singer but what hollie has is that authenticity, cuteness and vulnerability that I love and I know others love as well and that's something that can't be tought. Anyway saw your post basically saying jessica is better than hollie and felt I couldn't let that one slide.....anyway our opinions are just that, and with that said im TEAM HOLLIE ALL THE WAY!!!!!


pitchy song, was far out from jessica's performance go jessica!!

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