Gretchen Rossi on Tamra Barney Engagement: What a Farce!

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You absolutely will not believe this, but at least one person out there thinks an engagement has been arranged for the sake of reality TV ratings. We'll give you a moment to get over the shock...

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In the wake of Tamra Barney's engagement to Eddie judge, co-star Gretchen Rossi has come out and called BS on the entire arrangement.

Without quoting any sources directly, TMZ claims Rossi was actually approached by Real Housewives of Orange County producers first, as they asked her and Slade Smiley to get engaged on this season's finale.

They even, allegedly, bribed Smiley with a free ring and an all-expenses-paid trip to wherever he wanted to pop the question. But Slade and Gretchen turned down this offer.

Tamra and Eddie, though, jumped all over it and the same insider says Bravo helped organize the entire proposal. No comment as of yet from the network, Rossi or Judge.



Please, this season is so annoying; I am over this show. The only housewife I can stomach is Heather. All the others are "White Trash." Every time Alexis come on the tube I mute it!! Can't stand her. Tamara; don't even get me started (but not as bad as Alexis), Gretchen; would love to slap her..can you say annoying.....Vicki, obnoxious and dumped Don for Brooks...REALLY, I wouldn't buy insurance from her if she was the last insurance agency in America....her judgement is skewed...Besides, the show is called "Housewives of the OC" and only two are married!!! Let's recast the entire show and only invite Heather back!! I'm just saying...


Out of all the Housewives shows I think this one is really the worst. Can't wait til the season finale....


Why don't Grecthen just shut you big mouth ur so ugly n fake tamra is worth millons ov u ur just a gold digger after using poor old jeff for his money u need to fix ur self up
Dnt dish it out if u can't take it


FAKE FAKE FAKE............i agree. What could he possibly see in aging trash for cash Tamra...other than Air Time. Tamra gave gretchen a hard enough time over im glad shes telling everyone its fake, thats because it is. No one could possibly love that trailer park trash......low class tamrra, like her fake friend vicki the white faced hamster.....her cheeks get bigger in every episode.


Gretchen is a back stabbing phony bitch. Everything about her is FAKE


Who cares really just another divorce in the making !!


Not surprising. Bravo will do anything for ratings!

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