Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge: Engaged!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is engaged! The reality star, 43, and her boyfriend of two years, Eddie Judge, 38, will tie the knot.

They "are so excited right now and can't wait to be married," says a source.

The ups and downs of her previous marriage to Simon Barney were well documented on the long-running Bravo series. That ended in divorce back in 2010.

She's been much happier with Eddie Judge ever since.

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge

"Eddie and I started dating about two months after Simon and I split up," Barney said on The Real Housewives last year when he was introduced on the show.

"I wasn't looking for love," she added, but Eddie "kissed me back to life."

Barf. But congratulations. No word yet on a wedding date for the couple!

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Tamara is too old. She's done so much to try to look younger in her face she resembles Joan Rivers!!!!


Eddie is U.G.L.Y!!!! his mouth looks like that of a marionette - only his overly red bottom lip moves and he has those bugged out eyes - ewwwww!!!! fugly


Tamra will get her's back,keep watching,she thought her ex was bad...........


Congrats on gettin engaged simon was such a controll freak its ur life live it how u want and has for that slut Grecthen don't let her get to you she's so ugly her and slimey slade deserve each other omg what would jeff think
Be urself ur gorjus xxx


that alexis is always saying god this and god that well i dont think god told her to drink wine, wear lots of makeup and gossip about others. if she loves god why isnt she helpn people out with volunteer work or go to church. quit saying god when you dont even live a god fearing life.


Eddie appears to be not intelligent.
Slade at contrary even without a job....appears to be a smart guy.
The plastic surgeon (Heather's hubby) fears his wife reaction to everything he says.
Brook is dumb.
Tamra is poor.
Vicky exagerates about her''company''.
Gretchen is also poor...like Alex Bellino.Jim appears to be so''quite''this season....why??????


I like Tamra this season. Still can't stand Vicki or Alexis, but loving the fact Tamra and Gretchen are getting along.


I'm still not clear on Eddie's occupation. What does he do, again?


I like Tamra, for some reason I'm not clear on. I think she's the realest fake Biotch of them all. Her and Phaedra from Atlanta HWs.