Colton Dixon: The Tim Tebow of American Idol?

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American Idol executives have reportedly offered a bit of advice to Colton Dixon, and it's not about his pitch or his song choice or his weekly on-stage outfits.

The season 11 finalist told Today that producers warned him about coming across as overly religious online, fearing this would alienate a segment of viewers.

"When we first started the Twitter and Facebook stuff, they said beware of political and religious tweets," Dixon said. "Just because it can turn off voters or whatever."

"But, you know, being a Christian is who I am. It is a part of me musically. It is what I want to do after the show - go into Christian music."

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Dixon has found himself in a couple Twitter wars as a result of his open views, however.

One user recently suggested the crooner "can't Tebow his way to a win," referencing the Denver Broncos quarterback who led his team to the NFL playoffs admits controversy of his frequent references to God and post-game prayer celebrations.

"I don't follow Tebow," Dixon Tweeted in response. "I follow a guy named Jesus. I'm just trusting His plans. Whatever that may be."

In the end, of course, Dixon and all contestants will mostly be judged on their ability. To get a look at all finalists in action, visit our American Idol video section now!


Thank God for having brothers in Christ like you Colton. I didn't know your a christian not until you sang that Christian song during your last night at American Idol. I was amaze a guy like you sang a song like that after being been eliminated. And now that I know, I realize more how good it is to have Jesus in our lives, just as you have said, he has a better plan for everything. And He's gonna use you in another way for His glory. Keep it up Colton.


You know that FOX is a jewish channel, right? He couldn't have made it, they are racist and judgemental. I can tell you from now that Holly will come either first or second, american politics nowadays need to bring the american public closer to the british people (she's a british imigrant), they are war allies. It's way more than just music..


He got eliminated


He's also gay. Wonder how many of the jesusfreaks posting here would still approve of him after knowing that.


It's so awesome to see young mean and women who aren't afraid to stand up for Jesus!!!!!


Colton, God has given you a purpose in this life. The gift of music to reach the unreached. I love all these comments,but the ones who knock down Christ and his everlasting love for all of us. All you that knock him down for his choices for his life and his views.Have you ever tried reading a bible or go to a church to see what life could really be like. Like making right decision's and choose a walk with our lord and savior.He gave his life for us on that cross that day !!!For me and you!!!I challenge all of you to try him because he is always there in any situation.


Colton, you have an amazing voice and an even greater gift from God which is your heart for Him! Thank you for your boldness in your witness of The God of your heart. Your face, your emotions, your soul all tell the world where your passions lie and that place is at the feet of Jesus. God has given you a platform to work out the plan that He has for your life. That plan is obviously sharing His great love and saving grace through music with a world that is desperate to know of Him. Be strong and courageous in Him and never hide your light for anyone. I listen to contemporary Christian music all the time. It is the only music I buy now. I am very much looking forward to purchasing an inspiring message from God through a CD by Colton Dixon sometime in the near future. God bless you for hearing His call on your life and being obedient to that call.


I just hope he isn't one of those gay-hating Christian bigots.


Keep playing for Jesus, Colton! I'm proud of you for talking about your faith in the public, God bless ya!


I would like it if he wins American Idol. His inspiration is Jesus: good for him. I am a Christian convert. If Colton loses American Idol, does that mean he failed Jesus somehow, or Jesus failed him? Is it about following, failing to be a winner or being a loser? It's about sharing the gifts from God. God can use anyone and anything for God's purposes. The producers are wise to caution Colton and others about injecting religious discussion into American Idol, but not because of losing votes. Although Colton and all of us have the right to say what or in whom or whom we believe, our own Bible cautions believers about doing that to those who are weaker ("less familiar") in faith. That's how Jesus witnessed: that others could understand and then decide about accepting him. Colton is already an American "idol," but I would use the word "icon" meaning that through Colton’s witness in his face, voice, spirit and self as he sings, I see more of who God is and who I am called to be.

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