Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor: WORST Experience Ever!

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Ben Flajnik proposes to either Courtney Robertson or Lindzi Cox on the March 12 season finale of The Bachelor, to be followed by the After the Final Rose special.

Not a moment too soon for the star, who has been miserable throughout the filming and aftermath of the hit show and reportedly hated his reality TV experience.

According to sources, Ben taped the Women Tell All episode and was taken aback by all the bitterness, and overheard griping about the show during the taping.

“Ben was talking to the producers and when they asked if he would do the show again he said ‘No way! This was the worst experience of my life,’” an insider said.

Look at that Mop

According to the source, Ben wasn’t acting like a happy guy who is engaged to the love of his life (read our Bachelor spoilers page to learn who we think that is).

“He wasn’t animated or excited and the insider said it is because he totally regrets going on the show,” the source said. “Ben couldn’t hide how miserable he was."

"Everyone could see that he wasn’t happy.”

Ben Flajnik wasn’t the only person there in a bad mood. Courtney Robertson, the only finalist to go on ATFR in recent memory, was just as miserable looking.

“Courtney was complaining and moaning ‘Can we stop this now?’ She was annoyed that the women were picking on her and the process was taking so long."

"A producer had to remind her ‘You’re doing this for you and Ben.’ She agreed but was rolling her eyes the whole time; she just couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

ATFR airs Monday, with the finale a week later. On the show Ben has narrowed his choices down to Lindzi and Courtney for the final rose ceremony March 12.

Only one of those two has been seen wedding dress shopping, but from his attitude at the recent taping, it doesn’t seem like Ben is happily in love right now.

Who do you think Ben should choose on The Bachelor?


I wont ever watch Bachelor again either. OH! Courtney SHAME/ SHAME/ SHAME on you. what a performance! Its a pitty Ben didnt listen to the other girls who tried to warn him. How DUMB his he. You never wanted Ben you were in it for the glamour.I feel for Lindzy Cox and the other girls. Oh well girls!! go out and find yourselves a REAL man now. I always said that when Ben finds out how wicked Courtney spoke to and treated the other girls (her real personality for sure) he would leave her. and he did. even if it was for a few weeks
What a shameful show. I hope girls out there who are thinking of joining the next show think again.Surely its not worth the degradation that people like Coutney give you


I will never watch the Bachelor again becuase of this season. It was painful to watch and made true love seem like a joke. Ben got uglier and more boring as the season went on, and Courtney was beyond pathetic. I am ashamed for both of them.


A little video of Ben...


I'm tired of people saying Courtney is innocent and all the girls hated her because they were jealous of her. Did everyone hate Emily Maynard on Brad's season?


Ben and Courtney deserve each other; Ben is a geeky self-absorbed douche bag (and looks a bit like the Geico cavemen) and I honestly cannot see how so many of the women were "falling in love with him" unless they are just so completely insecure and wrapped up in the whole situation they couldn't see straight. Or, the likely answer, Ben is as manipulative as psycho strangelove Courtney.


I might be the only one ---but I love Courtney---She is a beautiful person in and out!!
One word for you other women...JEALOUSY.. THAT GIRL COULD HAVE ANY ONE SHE WANTS.


I find it hard to believe that a man is told by several people that a certain woman is two faced and he askes her if she is there for the right reason. Of course she will say yes and she is sorry about the way she treated the other women. What's sad is that he believed her. Maybe Kacie is lucky he sent her home. reminds me of jake's season.


if he choses Courtney heis a very stupid guy,


Lindzi is a total class act all the way. Courtney has many issues, appears very negative, and NOT for Ben @all. If this man truly has a huge heart, then he will choose Lindzi. She is REAL, & honest, and could make him a very, very happy man. All I can say after watching every Wk. of this season's bachelor is that my hope is Ben chooses Lindzi, a 1 in a million gal. Judi


Well if he picked Courtney they're definitely broken up already... no surprise there.

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