Courtney Robertson: Wedding Dress Shopping in Beverly Hills!?

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Didn't see this coming: The Bachelor's polarizing finalist, Courtney Robertson, was seen trying on wedding dresses at a Mark Zunino bridal store in Beverly Hills.

Maybe a dress is just a dress? Or a cry for attention? Or a carefully coordinated, hilarious staged photo op to quell rumors that she wins and they already split?

Who knows, but Ben Flajnik selected Courtney and Lindzi Cox as his final two on this Monday's episode, with Robertson the odds-on favorite to win on March 12.

You can read The Bachelor spoilers we've posted for what we think goes down, but Ben's infatuation with her (and these pics) speak for themselves:

Hot Courtney Robertson Picture
Courtney Robertson, Wedding Dress
Courtney Robertson Wedding Dress Shopping

Whether she's skinny-dipping, saying "winning" every five seconds, name-dropping her profession ("modeling!") or staging a mock wedding on her hometown date in Arizona, Courtney Robertson has been as aggressive as she is reviled.

Maybe she's just "modeling" right here?

Lindzi Cox fans sure hope so. After the penultimate episode of the season, Ben said he felt "truly felt in love" with her, so perhaps there's reason for optimism.

Perhaps. Or maybe not. Doubtful.



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Did he even pick anyone to be his future ex-fiancee? I don't care and yet here i am again, watched this crap again. I do so need a life! He was absolutely thinking with his little head. He was all about Kacie until her parents said they thought it was wrong to live together before marriage (did Kacie ever say if she felt that way as well?), so penis guy thought, "One girl was naked in the ocean with me and one might not put out til i MARRY her! Noooo problem there!". Goodtimes.


DUH!!! Ben finally woke up and realized Courtney wasn't what he thought and saw her bad behavior. Is the man just STUPID or since he got naked with her first was he thinking with the wrong head.


Ben your is a sick man !

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