Barack Obama Makes NCAA Tournament Selections

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Welcome to the latest edition of Barack-etology!

For the fourth consecutive year, President Barack Obama has taken a few minutes to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket alongside ESPN's Andy Katz, hoping to choose his second National Champion in that time.

In 2009, Obama correctly predicted that North Carolina would be cutting down the nets and this year he's going back to the Tar Heel well. Who will UNC defeat in the title game? Which 12 seed does the President think will knock off a five seed? Find out now:

As for THG's staff picks? We're so glad you asked!

Hilton Hater: Baylor, Michigan State, Florida State, UNC
Free Britney: Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio State

Best of luck in your pool, readers!


This hypocrite speaks about "civil language" in regards Rush Limbaugh using the single world "slut" which Rush apologized for but he says nary a word about the misfit so called comic, Bill Maher, using the filthiest name calling against Sara Palin and Michelle Bachmann, ignores MSNBC who nightly uses the crudest euphemisms against Conservative women, and members of his own party do the same. Just this week he was at another one of his "rallies" and was preceded by Ceelo performing one of his artless, crude tunes using the "F" work twice. Moron Obama, as usual, thought this was just great and said nothing. What a class act!


Following it. And yeah, there's a striking resemblance. Maybe enough to get Fab Melo and a free trip to "The Magic Kingdom"! That or maybe free Invisilign braces. Ha!


Clueless on devising a credible energy policy, but gifted on pickin' the bracket winners?!? Maybe The Prez and Dick Vitale should switch places for a few weeks. Can't hurt..might help!


He's black and it's Basketball Season- what do you expect! Besides- the Liberal White Women love him! Damn the economy! We all know what he wants - wants the upper crust to pay for all those " out of Wedlock" babies! Our standard of living will be in the ruts! What a wonderful World!


So much for that laser eyed focus on the economy...

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