Bachelor Pad 3: Coming This Summer!

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ABC confirmed last night during The Bachelor finale that the network will order a third season of the reality show's summer spinoff, Bachelor Pad. Sweet.

The Pad, a Big Brother-like battle of the sexes in an L.A. mansion populated by former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, will return in mid-summer.

And there will be twist: Some lucky random schmoe fan can apply to join the show and compete against the castoffs vying for a 16th minute of fame! Yesss!

Bachelor Pad 2 Cast

Season 1, won by Natalie Getz and Dave Good, was a bit of a mess as ABC struggled to wing the format on the fly, but it attracted a decent following.

Season 2, won by Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst, who got engaged to Blake Julian right after the season, averaged a strong 7.10 million viewers.

Other memorable castoffs on the Pad include Jake Pavelka (obvi), Gia Allemand, Kasey Kahl, Vienna Girardi, Michelle Money, Kiptyn Locke and Wes Hayden.


The Batchelor Pad - for the third year in a row they will place a significant group of admittedly very good looking boys and girls in the same house. I said good looking not attractive, and I said boys and girls, not men and women. Do these shallow young boys and girls, devoid of true character and personality not have a life - clearly not. One could also ask - could ABC with all its resources not recruit and put together a different groupd as opposed to bringing back these t rbeing lslApersonall, psmne attracdmi pp gfingithey silly outcasts. This is a train wreck, a gong show - Chuck Barris would be proud.