The Bachelor Season Finale: Did Courtney Robertson Win Ben Flajnik's Final Rose?

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It's all come down to this.
Lindzi Cox Bachelor Finale Dress

After months of speculation over The Bachelor spoilers and controversy swirling around a woman who has left an indelible mark on the show (for better or for worse), Courtney Robertson squares off with Lindzi Cox for the final rose.

Who will Ben Flajnik give it to?

Ben Flajnik Finale Pic

The next three hours will reveal all as the two ladies go on their last dates with Ben in Switzerland and he makes the proposal that brings this season to an end.

After he does, the After the Final Rose special will catch us up on Ben and his fiancee's current status. We'll be here throughout with THG's LIVE +/- recap:

Chris: It's the most controversial finale IN BACHELOR HISTORY (this year)! Plus 11.

Swiss Alps: So beautiful. And a Fitting venue for the Ice Queen's coronation. Plus 9.

Does ABC freaking have David Gray on retainer? Minus 13.

The MOUNTAIN gives Ben hope?! Uggggh. Minus 7.

Ben's sister looks a little Shawntel Newton-esque. Plus 4.

Red flag? Understatement of all time. Minus 8.

Lindzi looks as cute as she has all season. Things certainly haven't gone downhill since she rode in on a horse ... dinnertime silverware faux pas aside. Plus 12.

Lindzi and Julia are talking smack about Courtney? We're not even 15 minutes into the episode! Minus 8 for rehashing the obviously coached ABC narrative.

"Red Flag" and "modeling" drinking game, anyone? Plus 6.

WHAT is Ben wearing, a shirt made of alpaca fur? Minus 5.

Courtney, in nasally baby voice: "You like me? You like me?! Aww." Shoot us now. After we take two shots for the modeling and red flag references. Minus 9.

The creepy Courtney soundtrack definitely isn't designed to foster the psycopath image ABC has created for her. Not at all. Nice work, sound guys. Plus 8.

Ben Flajnik Looks at Ring

Julia "will never truly know went on this season" ... until she watches it unfold on network TV and becomes sick to her stomach every single week. Minus 7.

Wait, Court won her "Barb" and "Jule"? Did we see different footage? Minus only 2, 'cause she did handle the questions well, but she's not that pretty or charming.

The Flajnik family's take: Lindzi is a "lovely" person. Courtney is "honest," has "depth" and there is "more of what [Ben] wants." Advantage: Court. Minus 20.

For some reason Ben annoys us when he says things. Like "Zermatt." Or "these women." Or "mountain caps." Or anything, if we're being honest. Minus 12.

Oye, Lindzi's roots are looking kinda rough. Still hope she wins, so Plus 1.

Lindzi can totally trust Ben "on the slopes and in life." GROAN. Minus 19.

Promotional consideration furnished by: Zermatt Tourism! Ya think? Also sponsored by models, red flags and wool! And in about 45 minutes, Neil Lane! Plus 6.

Even when Lindzi's annoying, she's so darn lovable. Plus 7.

Still, this feels more like fun banter than romantic courtship. At this point she may need to pull a Tonya Harding on Courtney to have any chance. Here's hoping! Plus 30.

Ben keeps saying he "needs more time" since things have been "moving more slowly" with Lindzi. Just because some girls don't hijack one-on-one time or strip buck ass naked on a group date doesn't mean they've failed somehow. Minus 12.

Mmmyeah Lindz is acting kinda drunk up in herrrrre. Plus 18.

Lindzi: [breathy voice] "I love you ..." Ben: [nods, silent]. Minus 45. This guy makes Brad Womack look charismatic ... he can't even fake it at this point.

OMFG they're in a helicopter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minus 13.

"New heights"? Are you guys kidding?! Minus 17.

Someone's got to spoof her exulting "I got the stamp of approval" and doing lame baby talk as a sequel to this video of Courtney auto-tuned (above). Plus 9.

It's "kiss the cook," not the "chef," you two. Minus 10 for this nausea.

People "keep taking and taking and don't give anything back" to Courtney? She's the one who goes skinny-dipping and bikini-less on the third date. Minus 12.

Courtney's "very special gift" to Ben somehow wasn't herself naked! Plus 15.

ABC's interns did a really a mediocre job on that scrapbook. Minus 18.

And also on styling Ben. Suspenders? A vest? AND the hair? Minus 9.

What a surprise, Ben may be "second guessing" his decision now. He can't even sell stuff straight out of the Bachelor textbook. Which we would totally buy. Plus 5.

OOH, look at the artistic, blurry retrospective montage! Plus 4.

This is cheesy even by Bachelor standards. "I know what true love is" in this "fairy tale romance"? Honestly? Just put the cue cards away, it'll sound more natural. Minus 7.

Courtney claims she's "never been with a man she's really trusted"? Ohhhh, snap. Jesse Metcalfe is totes rolling in his grave watching this right now. Plus 10.

Are they wearing capes? Is this The Bachelor: Hansel and Gretel edition? Who has elbow-length satin gloves lying around? No, no, no. Minus 12.

This is going to suck for Little Red Riding Lindzi. Minus 23.

Lindzi Cox Bachelor Finale Dress
Courtney Robertson Bachelor Finale Dress

Look at Chris, escorting her to her doom. Pimp always keeps it professional. Plus 10.

Ben's liked her from the start, she's pretty, she's perfect, he's fallen for her, but ...


Geez, didn't waste a lot of time showing her to the chopper either. Minus 38 for Ben just letting her blame herself (?) and not even looking that upset by it.

Plus 40 for Lindz handling that a lot better than, say, Kacie B. might have.

This is about as anticlimactic as it gets. In a word, meh. Minus 15.

"You're my forever." Eyes? Rolling hardcore. Sweet though. Plus 4.

She said yes! SHE SAID YES!!!! OMG!!!! How magical. Simply breathtaking. Ben and his own personal dominatrix Cruella de Vil, together forever. Minus 70.

At least she took her glove off for him to put a ring on it. Plus 14.

Think Ben's dad is smiling down upon this? No points, just asking.

Her hair does look pretty good. Plus 9.

You know when Chris is asking the audience to withhold judgment on the winning relationship at 10:02 p.m. that this has been one heck of a season. Plus 25.

Minus 125 for Ben's facial hair. Good grief.

Wait, they broke up?! Plus 80. After watching this season play out all winter, it's no wonder he had to "reassess." At least he acknowledged her suckitude.

Wow, Chris even brought up his alleged cheating. Nice! Plus 20.

I did not have kissing relations with that woman! Uh, you did, and your hand was on her ass no less, but Radar Online has zero credibility, so you might as well just lie and hope people believe you over them! Plus 20 for strategy.

Ben and Courtney on the Finale

Courtney's wedding dress shopping thing was a total PR stunt to take the heat off Ben. Unreal. Chris is right ... these two are very weird. Wash.

First winner of The Bachelor to come on stage to boos since ... Vienna Girardi? Plus 16.

She seems semi-sincere in this interview, and it's possible she regrets what she did on the show, but there's something that just rubs us the wrong way. Minus 4.

They're a couple now ... "I think." When you have to think, never a good sign. Minus 6.

When the going got tough, they split. Why? Because it was hard for him to watch the drama, and hard for her that he didn't have her back.

At the very least, they're being honest about their trust issues and don't seem like they've fully figured it out yet. Tough crowd. Plus 10.

This is one uncomfortable interview. Minus 5.

Gotta love their reaction to the immediate backlash from the "haters." Hey, maybe it will help them put on a united front going forward?

Their engagement has been so SOILED by The Bachelor. Which they chose to go on. Audience? Not too sympathetic it seems. Minus 10.

Aww, their pimp brought the ring! And it's back on! Plus 75 for such a tear-filled, non-scripted ending to a mesmerizing special!

Ben reunited with J.P. Rosenbaum? Awkward! Plus 10.

Nice vote of confidence from J.P., though. He's right, the worst is without question behind Courtney. Whether she'll ever earn his trust is the question.

They're opening up Bachelor Pad to random schmoes? Lame. Minus 15.

Ashley Hebert is pregnant ... just kidding! Darn you, JP! Plus 10.

Chris Harrison is maybe seriously going to officiate their wedding. Plus 250.


Ben and Courtney: Will it last?


I seem to be going against the grain here... but I like Ben. He seems down to earth and he owns a vyreiand!Also, I don't think Courtney's that bad. I agree she doesn't have social skills and she definately doesn't get along with girls very well, but she seems genuine in her feelings toward Ben and they have alot of chemistry. This is a reality TV show where they edit and there always has to be a crazy one/bad girl. The other girls were mean to her as well. She hasn't mentioned her career very much and I really don't think she went on the show just for fame.


Please leave Courtney and Ben alone. Now they need space. Let them start to live normal life and relationship. Courtney name has been spoiled. Isn't is enough?


It's a waste and shame the next Bachlorette is another self serving BITCH. Emily Maynard is also as fake as she can be.She's not going anywhere as long as her child and the child's grandparents are picking up after them. Emily told the biggest lie (that she was engaged to the car racer). He was engaged to someone else, not Emily. Emily was a castoff and the racer moved on to someone else. Why isn't she mentioned? SHE was the one engaged not Emily.
Emily just found herself pregnant and it was just the opportunity to take advantage and SHE did full force. She tries to act so dicate and I don't buy it at all. Probably won't watch this one.


It's like Ben jumping on Ali; "No, this is not a friend situation"
when she didn't pick him. He was equally a cad throughout this program. It showed several different ways. I think Ben is cute but
not near as cute when he kinda showed his rear. I fail to see how Ben could have missed the devil in Courtney. She was (is) a real BITCH ro the other girls--that was the real Courney rubbing the rose (winning)and acting like a smartass which is what she is. She'll mess up again in front of people leaving Ben w/egg on his face. No way will she stick around.That kind knows nothing about manners or caring outside herself. Too bad, Ben, she's playing.
If she doesn't dump you, she'll cheat on you. Better watch out.




so beautiful pix


I just have a comment about some comments about this season of the Bachelor. I just feel getting all angry about people (Ben and Courtney) we will never meet and their love life is kind of weird. I mean you can care but to call people really mean things and get all hateful is unnecessary. We may have all had a 'favorite' that we wanted Ben to pick, and not everyone acted the most mature during the taping. But I just feel that we need to stop being so quick to be so mean about these people. I hope they are happy but more than that I hope they bring happiness to those around them.


Ben, you're a sap. That's what you get for thinking with the head in your pants and not the one on your shoulder. Courtney, you're a sociopath. You need to be locked up, until you can be trusted around humankind. Lindzi, you dodged the bullet. You're a beautiful woman who deserves much better than Neanderthal, I mean Ben.


I respect Ben for making his own judgement call ... unfortunately, it wasn't a good call. Courtney's excuse for her bad behaviour was always "it was so hard on me" ... me me me ...and now she's put herself in the "victim" role and made Ben out to be the untrustworthy cad for abandoning her. She showed her true colours with the other women ... and that behaviour will most definitely resurface ... it's just a matter of time. People who are truly kind don't act like that in any situation.


I used to like Chris Harrison, but have come to the conclusion that indeed, he 'is' a Pimp. To Thine ownself Be True, Chris.
Maybe the Devil got his soul too.

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