The Bachelor Season Finale: Did Courtney Robertson Win Ben Flajnik's Final Rose?

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It's all come down to this.Lindzi Cox Bachelor Finale Dress
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    I seem to be going against the grain here... but I like Ben. He seems down to earth and he owns a vyreiand!Also, I don't think Courtney's that bad. I agree she doesn't have social skills and she definately doesn't get along with girls very well, but she seems genuine in her feelings toward Ben and they have alot of chemistry. This is a reality TV show where they edit and there always has to be a crazy one/bad girl. The other girls were mean to her as well. She hasn't mentioned her career very much and I really don't think she went on the show just for fame.


    Please leave Courtney and Ben alone. Now they need space. Let them start to live normal life and relationship. Courtney name has been spoiled. Isn't is enough?


    It's a waste and shame the next Bachlorette is another self serving BITCH. Emily Maynard is also as fake as she can be.She's not going anywhere as long as her child and the child's grandparents are picking up after them. Emily told the biggest lie (that she was engaged to the car racer). He was engaged to someone else, not Emily. Emily was a castoff and the racer moved on to someone else. Why isn't she mentioned? SHE was the one engaged not Emily.
    Emily just found herself pregnant and it was just the opportunity to take advantage and SHE did full force. She tries to act so dicate and I don't buy it at all. Probably won't watch this one.


    It's like Ben jumping on Ali; "No, this is not a friend situation"
    when she didn't pick him. He was equally a cad throughout this program. It showed several different ways. I think Ben is cute but
    not near as cute when he kinda showed his rear. I fail to see how Ben could have missed the devil in Courtney. She was (is) a real BITCH ro the other girls--that was the real Courney rubbing the rose (winning)and acting like a smartass which is what she is. She'll mess up again in front of people leaving Ben w/egg on his face. No way will she stick around.That kind knows nothing about manners or caring outside herself. Too bad, Ben, she's playing.
    If she doesn't dump you, she'll cheat on you. Better watch out.




    so beautiful pix


    I just have a comment about some comments about this season of the Bachelor. I just feel getting all angry about people (Ben and Courtney) we will never meet and their love life is kind of weird. I mean you can care but to call people really mean things and get all hateful is unnecessary. We may have all had a 'favorite' that we wanted Ben to pick, and not everyone acted the most mature during the taping. But I just feel that we need to stop being so quick to be so mean about these people. I hope they are happy but more than that I hope they bring happiness to those around them.


    Ben, you're a sap. That's what you get for thinking with the head in your pants and not the one on your shoulder. Courtney, you're a sociopath. You need to be locked up, until you can be trusted around humankind. Lindzi, you dodged the bullet. You're a beautiful woman who deserves much better than Neanderthal, I mean Ben.


    I respect Ben for making his own judgement call ... unfortunately, it wasn't a good call. Courtney's excuse for her bad behaviour was always "it was so hard on me" ... me me me ...and now she's put herself in the "victim" role and made Ben out to be the untrustworthy cad for abandoning her. She showed her true colours with the other women ... and that behaviour will most definitely resurface ... it's just a matter of time. People who are truly kind don't act like that in any situation.

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