American Idol Results: Who is Going on Tour?

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American Idol eliminated two contestants this week, first sending Jermaine Jones home last night for lying about his criminal record and then giving another finalist the axe tonight for... well, being worse than the other 10 singers.

So, who will NOT be going on tour this summer?

Following performances by Daughtry and Demi Lovato (below), the final three came down to Shannon Magrane, Erika Van Pelt and Elise Testone, with the fewest number of votes going to...

Demi Lovato American Idol Performance Pic

Shannon Magrane.

The 16-year-old went with Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day" in an attempt to earn the judges' save, but Randy Jackson told her it was not meant to be: "Unfortunately, we're not going to use it tonight, Shannon. Thank you."

What did you think of these results? Did Shannon deserve to go home?


I agree with "RA" post heejun how did he even go to hollywood he sucks bad... for 2 weeks straight the judges even said he sucks but he always make it to the next day..... this show has to be rigged...........


Heejun is a great guy but how in the hell did he make on Idol? Shannon picked the wrong song last week however, she has lot more potential then Heejun. I wonder if he will this year's pick for He would be my pick. Also, Phillip, Jessica, Holley, & Josh are best on the show.


ms.Myra the American ,judges definitely got this one spot on..thank you for using the save for the right person to go on tour and to stay on the Shannon is a beautiful girl,tall & intelligent I least she have other alternative other than singing,so so as the saying not give up your day time job. Hope America get this year correct who should be the winner, base on the talent and not the face because last year winner is not particularly the best voice there is,is I hope the producer can do something about this,otherwise you are going to lose the money making show....


First of all i thought America got it right when that Shannon got eliminated.....She sucked from the very beginning as a singer...i'm sorry but i just do not like this kid Heejun or whatever the hell his name is, he sucks too as a singer, and is NOT funny....the bowing constantly to the audience HAS TO GO>>>>GOD HE GETS ON MY NERVES>>>>>>


I love AI and haven't miss a show yet this year. I thought it was Shannon's turn to leave. My favorite is that little English girl Hollie, big voice and seems sweet.I enjoy Heejun and Deandre also.


Shannon deserves to go on tour. Hee Jun is not a performer, he just doesn't fit in with the others. Talent this season is incredible!


Really miss Simon's realistic criticism.


sorry spelled your name wrong heejun personialty isn't going to get you to be american idolyou have to have the singing voice to go with it. YOu haven't got that voice.


neejun is not a good singer at all he can't belt out a song if his life depened on it sorry neejun but it is the ruthyou should have went home last night. As far as I am concered you cant sing .


If they had some black sister's in the mix AI would be a lot more interesting. It is soooo corny. That brother that sang the Percy Sledge song sounded amazing. I still like The Voice and XFactorUSA so much better. AI is tired and need to shut it down.


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