Amber Portwood Escapes Jail (Narrowly, Again)

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is not entirely off the hook, but it looks like she will NOT be headed to jail after failing to take a required drug test this week.

Law enforcement sources say the judge ordered Amber to submit to an extra 30 days of DAILY drug testing for failing to procure a urine sample on Monday.

A non-test is an automatic "fail" in the eyes of the court, and she could have been put in jail for it on the spot, but the judge cut her a very slight break.

Amber Portwood and Leah Shirley

She's treading on very thin ice, however. Amber didn't just botch a drug test, she missed an AA meeting recently - another mandatory activity for her.

According to the terms of her release, she must comply with all of these terms or face up to five years in the big house. She's just one slip-up away.

As punishment, Amber is also required to re-read the drug court handbook and write a 500-word report on her responsibilities as a drug court participant.

Seriously. She has to write a book report. Gotta love it.

Amber Portwood: Will she end up back in jail?


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You notice how teen mom has there moms similar? Like to me Macy and Leah were the good parents till Leah cheated. Farrah and Chelsey are the spoiled brats only that Chelsey is like slow when it comes to relationships, and Amber and Janelle are the two angered screw ups who dont give a rats ass about their beautiful children. Sad sad sad.....



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