Alicia Silverstone Chews Food, Transfers It to Baby's Mouth From Hers

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Apparently Alicia Silverstone chews food and regurgitates it into her 10-month-old son's mouth to nourish him. We know because she posted a video of this.

Alicia posted the video on her blog this weekend - well played once again, Internet - claiming it's her "favorite" way to feed her son Bear Blu (his real name).

"He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating," she says, without offering an explanation of why she engages in this behavior. Enjoy:

Is Alicia just trying to spare Bear Blu the arduous task of chewing? Does she believe there is some other health benefit to this? We may never know.

As for what they're eating, Alicia's a staunch vegan and is raising her son to be too, so we're guessing it's some delish soy tofu thing PETA hearts her for.

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To do anything to bring attention to that mouth is insane. Her mouth is freakishly upside down!


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That's the grossest thing I've ever seen. What does the dad have to say about this appalling. Behavior? They are both nuts. The baby is receiving a bunch of her saliva, gross. She should. Be reported to a child's welfare or some one like that. What does the grandmother have to say about this? Gh


The mouth is the dirtiest place on the body. Good way to make you kid sick by passing bacteria. Why not just use a food processor to make it smaller if needed


only one way to describe that..gross!!!!!!!!!!!


only one way to describe that....gross!!!!!!!!!!!!


i dont get this. honestly why did she feed her kids her already chewed food? i am not bashing it i am honestly just wanting to know and understand what is the purpose of it? is it healthier? or better for the kid in some way besides easier to chew?


its realy disgusting to do such even to just share with us here,i think she have to do something about this naunces


how is this gross? People french kiss, Suck on each others privates.



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