Selena Gomez and The Scene: It's Over!

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are still going strong, as the couple were spotted out just last night on a date in Los Angeles.

But the 19-year old singer has called it quits with the other steady presence in her life, telling Facebook followers over the weekend that she and backup band The Scene won't be playing together for a bit.

Selena Gomez in Rio de Janeiro

"My band and I are going our separate ways for a while," Selena wrote. "This year is all about films and acting and I want my band to play music wherever with whoever. We will be back but, it will be a good while. I love them and I love you guys."

Gomez and The Scene released "When the Sun Goes Down" last year, an album that peaked at number-three on the Billboard 200 chart.

But it's true that Selena's film career is taking off: she'll voice a character in Adam Sandler's animated Hotel Transylvania later this year; and then star alongside James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens in Spring Breakers, a movie about a group of college girls who take over a fast-food joint in order to finance their Florida spring break.

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Hey Selena You have a wonderful day!I am thinking of you.You have fun and know I said a prayer for Us this morning!Tell our friends hey.
I Love You~M.J.


Hi Selena You have a wonderful evening! I miss you.
With Love M.J.


Hey Michael Jo! I haven't heard from you in awhile.I am now missing you! Justin & I are doing well! Justin says hey and he looks up to your advice! Your amazing Michael Jo & I Love you forever~
Selena Gomez


Hi Michael Jo! I miss you ! You are on my mind this morning~


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