Sean Young Demands Apology from The Academy Awards

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Sean Young has come out and told her side of the story.

The actress was arrested for battery outside The Governors Ball last night, after she allegedly refused to leave the premises and then slapped a security guard who touched her shoulder.

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But Young tells People she was "just standing by the line" outside the Academy Awards-sponsored event and not "bothering anybody" when the the commotion went down.

"I started to leave and [the guard] grabbed my arm and he started pulling me," said the actress, who claims she was on hand just to snap photos with celebrities for her Facebook page. "And I turned around and I was pulling my arm away – and I struck him."

Referring to the Academy, the former Ace Ventura star added: "They need to make a public apology on behalf of their security guard," although the Academy says in a release that it played no part in the situation, stating:

"There was an incident with Ms. Young outside the Academy’s Governors Ball. It was not the Academy who pressed charges."


Wasn't this the same actress who was recently on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.....she had a bad alcohol problem, and it's obvious she still does, and also she did harrass James Woods years ago....i do remember that one....She's really not wrapped too needs to just retire, and stay home and knit.....ugh.....She looks like a total has-been to me.......


As much as I like Sean Young, her reputation reminds me of someone who had a career in entertainment, but her bizarre behavior took over, and Now the industry is Not willing to take another chance on her. I believe that she misses Not being an A-list star. Being arrested on Oscar Night is another scandal that Sean will have to deal with!!


She must be off her meds again. sigh


A "whack job" desperate for attention. SAD




just how did sean get into that high security area ? why was she even there if she didn't have a ticket ? if she wasn't bothering anybody (except for the" annoying pictures) why did the guard bother with her ? maybe they had her on high security alert" because of past problems with her. can anyone just show up there and have pics taken ? sounds like bad security to me i anyone can just show up like that !
the terrosists just waiting for the right event to wipe us all out !!!

Wv peach

This woman is nuttier than a squirrel turd. Just go away.


Were the "laces on the guards shoes not facing out"?


Ray Finkle needs to simmer down!

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