Sean Young Arrested for Battery at Oscars Ball

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And the award for Most Random Celebrity to Make News on Oscar Night goes to... Sean Young!

The actress was booked on charges of misdemeanor battery last night after an alleged incident outside the Governor Balls in Hollywood, an annual Academy Awards party hosted by the Academy itself.

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Sources tell TMZ that Young was hanging out with friends near the entrance of the party when she was asked to leave because she didn't have an invitation.

When Young returned a short while later, a security guard placed his hand on her shoulder, in an attempt to escort her off the premises, when Young reportedly slapped him and was placed under citizen's arrest until the LAPD arrived and took her into custody.

Young left the police station around 1:45 a.m. local time.


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Oh Sean.. :( I really love her acting and she has managed to stay so beautiful! I guess rehab didn't work. I hope she can quit her vices and make a comeback! She's as asset to the acting world!


Sean Young has been treated like a Hollywood outsider for years. Hopefully she will find a suitable role to jumpstart her career again!

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