Report: Bruce Willis Pushed Demi Moore to Get Help

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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are unlike most former spouses. They vacation together, they hang out with their ex's new significant others. They're especially close.

So it comes as no real surprise that a source tells People the actor was privy to the actress' troubles many months ago, before she even split from Ashton Kutcher, and tried to convince Demi to do something about them.

"He was worried about her and wanted her to get better," the insider tells the magazine. "Many of her friends did the same thing, but she just wouldn't listen."

  • Bruce Willis on the Street
  • Demi Moore in Soho

Willis and Moore have three daughters today, two of which (Rumer and Tallulah) are reportedly crashing with their father while their mother figures out her next step.

Meanwhile, multiple outlets report that both Willis and Kutcher made appearance at Moore's Los Angeles home Wednesday yesterday in order to check up on their ex-wife. Let's all hope this kind of support system helps Moore realize just how much she's truly loved.

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When a person drinks water, he himself will know whether it is hot or cold.......


you all are taking this way too personally ! let the stars lead their own lives.......... Im glad to see there is no strong haters in the families but as for all you people..... that have to be angry... get over yourselves...... have a great weekend...


Bruce Willis, mind your Great fu**ing business BALDY! Hypocrite!


Bruce willis the Hollywood Hypocrite. Leave Demi Moore alone, please do not making use of her to get the PUBLIC REPUTATION. Both ASHTON KUTCHER and BRUCE WILLIS,go back to your mate partners, Pleasee do not disturb DEMI MOORE anymore.


Deepak Chopra Shows Demi Moore the Light! More and More Blessings to Demi Moore! Bruce willis please get out!


Everybody in her family might push DEMI to get help. Not only he was the one, he just wanted to show to the world he was the hero. Both BW and AK had been cheated on DEMI MOORE. She was so sad and filed for divorce on her Cheated Marriages. REAL MEN should have a happy marriages, but they aren't. Hope Demi Moore get well soon. Pray for you Demi Moore,the beautiful woman. There are still a lots of people in the world pray for you and care about you. Love and Hugs.


Dude,have we not all gone thru shit. Leave her alone. Been there done that. Best wishes


She needs to grow up. Shes too old to be dealing with her problems like this.


Perhaps someone can tell me why Moore is 'recovering' at home instead of in rehab? Her family should have her placed in rehab whether she thinks she has ann addiction problem or not. The law says they can do that if she's a danger to herself or others. She's setting a terrible example to her young daughters by refusing treatment.


brue willis seems to great man. Demi and him did something most hollywood couples cant do, they put whatever problems they had aside for the good of their kids.