New York Yankees Perfume: Actually Coming Soon!

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The New York Yankees have accomplished everything a baseball team possibly could on the field, having won 27 World Championships, by far the most history.

But the squad had left no mark at all in the world of personal fragrances... until now!

The Yankees have partnered with The Cloudbreak Group to launch a pair of scents -  New York Yankees, a sporty cologne; and New York Yankees For Her, playful perfume - that will go on sale in April both online and at Macy's departments stores through the metropolitan area.

Yankees Perfume

"In a category experiencing significant unit contraction and desperately seeking innovation, this partnership, with a professional sports team of this magnitude, is an industry first," said Cloudbreak CEO Tom Butkiewicz. "The Yankees are a multibillion-dollar franchise and we think we have a global opportunity with this deal."

Both fragrances will retail for $49 for a 1.7 oz. bottle and $62 for a 3.4 oz bottle.

That's a much better deal than the one New York has with Alex Rodriguez.

Wv peach

What's it smell like? Armpits, tobacco, sweaty socks, and jock straps. Yeah, I'm really dying to smell like that.


Wow! Those enterprising Yankees! Nothing like a little "foo-foo" for the outfield! All we can hope though is that...the scent isn't so strong it's a "bench clearer", but yet lasting enough to be "on deck" through any event, and always hitting the "sweet spot" of those around us getting a whiff! That's not too much to ask...right??


I'd rather smell the sweat off a red sox jersey!