Nevada Caucus Results: Mitt Romney Rolls in Silver State, Newt Gingrich & Ron Paul Fight For Second

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Results show Mitt Romney winning the 2012 Nevada caucuses by a sizable margin, giving him his third victory in the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

With 71 percent of precincts reporting, Romney has 47 percent to Newt Gingrich's 23 percent and Ron Paul's 19 percent, with Rick Santorum at 11 percent.

In his victory speech from Las Vegas, Romney made clear that he's looking ahead to the general election, focusing his remarks on President Obama.

"Four years ago candidate Obama came to Nevada promising to help," he said. "Mr. President, Nevada has had enough of your kind of help," he said.

Mitt in NV

"We're not going to settle for a president who tells us it could be worse," he added, trying to downplay recent job gains and the drop in unemployment.

A victory in Nevada leaves Romney primed for what should be a strong month for him: Six more states vote in February, and he won four of them in 2008.

Still, the race is far from over. Not including Nevada's delegates, which will be awarded proportionally, Romney has just 80 of the 1,144 needed at this point.

If someone were to start pulling off some upset wins - not out of the question in this fluid cycle - on or before Super Tuesday (March 6), we could have a race.

The 2012 Nevada caucus results (incomplete):

  1. Mitt Romney: 47% (11,822 votes, 11 delegates)
  2. Newt Gingrich: 23% (5,623, 2 delegates)
  3. Ron Paul: 19% (4,619, 2 delegates)
  4. Rick Santorum: 11% (2,749, 0 delegates)

The non-morman vote is: Romney 36%, Gingrich 29%, Paul 22%, Santorum 13%


Are they trying to rob Ron Paul again?


It's taking so long because the GOP is stealing it from Paul just like they did in Iowa. Ron Paul won IOWA - no question about it


You quoted results that were only 71% complete the day after? Where'd you get those numbers, from the newspaper? Surely, you could have searched a couple more news stories before posting, this morning.


Why don't we have the final tally on the Nevada caucus?What is taking so long?


Why do your percentages of the vote add up to over 100%? Maybe an edit is in order? Most places are reporting (So far) that Santorum has 11%, Paul has 19%, and some say Romney has 47 to Gingrich's 23%, or Romney has 48 to Gingrich's 22%.

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