Lil Kim Labels Nicki Minaj a "Stupid Hoe"

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It took some poking, and a bit of prodding, but Lil Kim came out with her true feelings last night.

Appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, the rapper was asked about Nicki Minaj, whether she thinks that artist is stealing her look/material and how she interpreted Nicki's controversial Grammy performance.

"I don't know what that was. I'm pretty sure I feel the same way everybody else feels right about now," Kim said at first, hemming and hawing before finally just saying:"If you have to make a song called 'Stupid Hoe,' you must be a stupid hoe."

Watch the exchange now:

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I think lil kim is the bigist hoe and nicki would wash lil kim up


I think Lil Kim is way better than Nicki.... To me Nicki is all fake and needs to sit down. Lil kim is extremely talented. Nicki minaj.... I think she has talent.. But needs to try being herself for once. Instead of all the makeup and inplants. She's 100% fake. Im sorry my opinion...


To Lil Kim:Wow Lil Kim If You Have A Problem With Nicki ( Which Everyone Knows )How Bout You Move Ya Ass From The Recording Studio Or What Ever The Hell You Are Doing And Confront Nicki.
To Nicki:So This Is How You Want To Be Known For? I Wouldnt Want To And If You Want The Damn Beef To Stop How About You Stop Dissing Lil Kim In Every Damn Song You Make.
To Both: If Yall Cant Get Along Stop Fucking Singing Shit About Each Other Like Damn Im Done Listening To Kim If Nicki Wanna Keep Singing Bout Kin Then I Might As Well Stop Fucking Listening To Nicki ( If This Damn Beef Stops Im Still Not Listening To Lil Kim )


who da hot one NICKI MINAJ U FUCKING SUCK LIL KIM AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Notice you had a hard time smiling properly. What? Are you realted to the joker? Or maybe your his cousin. Either way you look like a fucking dumbass. And a tip: STOP TAKING BOTOX. IT'S STARTING TO SHOW!!!


eyee find dhiss iishh veryy childishh,tuhh lhil kim yuhh still doinqq yaa thanqq so whyy worryy watt thee nextt onee do or sayy &&d tuhh nickii yuhh aree bahd anhd everyyonee knwx ihtt so justt lett thee beef qo
#Stupidd Hoeex lol
S/N ilu chickksx

Avatar at least Kim sees Nicki for what she really is a "stupid hoe!!!!!!!!"


Haha you can tell that she DIDN'T really want to talk about her.
And it was NOT last night that she came out with her true feelings.
She came out with her feelings over a year ago.


lil kim needs to stop tryna act classy because we all know who the stupid hoe is............And her face looks like she go ran over by a semi-truck


how bought both of them shut the hell up. this beef is getting really old and redundant. we know you hate Nicki and Nicki hates you. what else is there to add? you only responded to this is just to keep yourself in the news huh Kim? smdh. record a good album without having to diss Nicki on every track then we'll respect you.


If ever the old saying was true: Thats the pot calling the kettle black! Think Lil Kim is jelous cause Nikki is the now and she is the past.