LeAnn Rimes Performs Whitney Houston Classic

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It's not quite up there with the Jennifer Hudson Whitney Houston tribute, but LeAnn Rimes also paid homage to the late icon in concert this weekend.

Rimes played a gig in Reno, Nevada, on Saturday night, just a few hours after Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room in Los Angeles.

During the show, LeAnn, clearly choked up, took a moment to pay tribute to Houston by singing her #1 hit, "I Will Always Love You," to the crowd.

The song hit an emotional note for LeAnn.

Before the show, Rimes tweeted "Wow, I learned how to do what I do because of 3 great women, one being Whitney. She was always so kind to me."

"This is not gonna be an easy show for sure. I’m just doing what she taught me to do, listening to her over & over as a little girl. Her death is very surreal."

She did her idol justice, don't you think?




Leanne sux. Plus she was flat. Didn't anyone hear it? She ruined the song. Her and her Okie twang country sound doesn't doesn't do the song justice. It's NOT a country song!


GetlikeWhitney: Which one of Leann's BFFs are you? Dobbie? Stace2u? Amejean? Since you are here talking about excrement and purification, you are Amejean who is posting as Getlike Whitney. Leann tweets about another woman's kids 24/7, so then by your logic that is proof that Leann doesn't have a life, right? Perhaps if you spent less time meeting up with Leann, your fulfillment would be realized. Since you sit on twitter doing Leann's dirty work, it's people like you who make things wrong in this world. Considering that Leann is using a death to promote herself, Leann is the vermin. What type of person attempts to overshadow a tragic event by releasing article after article about herself? Leann did the same thing to Adele when she annouced that she was having trouble with her voice and had to postpone her tour. Nothing is sacred to Leann, not kids, not church, not her peers, and not even death.


@leannisafraud You are proof that procreation is possible by excrement and purification. You can't be blamed for having no life....Why don't you try to meet Whitney and realize your fulfillment.
Vermin like you are very much what is wrong with this world.


If this was in fact about Whitney, why then are there so many articles being written about Leann? Does that make any sense at all? Whitney dies and rather than write an article about Whitney, the media writes an article about Leann praising Leann for doing a good version of the song and thus playing right into Leann hands.This is just sad that Leann would take such a tragic event and use it as a means to keep her name in the press, promote her album, and to one up Eddie's ex-wife. Besides, Leann doesn't even have enough compassion for Brandi or Eddie's kids to stop tweeting about Brandi boys, and you want us to believe that Leann was overcome with emotion over Whitney's death? That would have worked if Leann hadn't gotten on twitter and tweeted about Brandi and Eddie's kids all day Saturday and Sunday. Tyler Perry's movie starring Eddie is also coming out this month, so consider everything that Leann and Eddie do a pr stunt.


You do realize that this was just a publicity stunt? Eddie Cibrian ex-wife is appearing on a special for Bravo today. Which makes Leann disgusting because she is so desperate for attention that she exploits Whitney's death. If Leann was sincere about the tribute to Whitney, then how come she made it ALL ABOUT LEANN? Leann wasn't the only one mouring over Whitney's death, yet just look at what a show Leann put on twitter. Leann wasn't the only one who gave Whitney a tribute, so how come come Tuesday(the day that Eddie's ex-wife is set to appear on a special Valentives show for Bravo), the media and internet is bombarded with articles about how Leann gave Whitney a tribute?

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