Kendall Jenner Pretends to Go Blonde

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Yup, Kendall Jenner is officially on her way to becoming as useless as her sisters.


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    All they care about is attention. None of them have any talent just happen to be a good looking family. Momma Jenner/ Kardashian is exploiting her children and laughing all the way to the bank. Why does anyone watch scripted reality television, they aren't actor's! They are a bunch of spoiled rich kid's, with all the attention that they get, just makes them richer. I would watch them if I heard one of them sing or learn how to act. They act like they are Diva's. If they had 1/3 of the talent Whitney Houston had then maybe they could think they were Diva's but, we all know that is never going to happen. I will wait to watch their final episode ". Canceling the Kardashian's"!


    She's just a kid, let's not be so harsh! Blonde is cute on her too


    it looks good on her. hilton hater. Shes doing what teenage girls do. Its so sad that people judge her just because of her family.


    A teenager dyed her hair blonde......exactly how is that different than every other teenager in the universe? She's Kim K's sister so automatically this turns her into attention seeking, blah, blah....nope it means she's normal.


    Wow there's so many wanna be's here that they resolved to hating the magical sisters........lmfao get a life idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is how it starts, Chely. That "look at me" becomes a drug to these young starlets and WHAMMO you end up with another ho in the Kardashian family! Add the wonderful influence of her parents, "Mama $" and Papa "You don't have to go to college" and the ho-in-training becomes permanent.


    Vulgar filth. Just like her human toilet sister.


    Any degree of seperation from the rest of those gypsies has got to be a plus.


    way too harsh on her. she was just having fun


    oh geez! There goes all hope for the little sisters! For some reason I thought that since they were Jenners they had a chance, silly silly me!

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