Donald Trump to Endorse Newt Gingrich For President ... or Mitt Romney?

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Real estate mogul / professional celebrity Donald Trump plans to endorse former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for president in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

The AP is reporting the endorsement will take place later today.

"He's got great ideas. He's very smart, he's very tough and he is a great debater," Trump said of Gingrich, who hasn't confirmed the report, on Sunday.

It's appropriate for the Donald to make his endorsement in Las Vegas, where he owns a 64-story hotel, and where the Nevada caucuses take place Saturday.


It also makes sense for him to endorse Gingrich for the GOP nomination in general, as Newt seems to best embody Trump's pugnacious political style.

It's unclear if Trump's endorsement will do much for Gingrich in Nevada ... or at all.

Gingrich was creamed by Mitt Romney in Florida's primary this Tuesday, and trails big in Nevada as well, though he vows to stay in the Republican race.

Trump's waning influence was on display in December, when he attempted to host a GOP debate, only to be rebuffed by everyone but Rick Santorum and Gingrich.

Still, a high-profile Republican stepping up for Newt in the wake of his recent setback shows that not everyone in the party is ready to coalesce around Mitt.

UPDATE: Or maybe not. Surces close to the Romney campaign claim that the real estate mogul will back the former Massachusetts governor instead!

Stay tuned ...


Newt has enough money to run as an independent. He's not far enough right to be considered right wing conservative. Dumb womanizer.


If any Right Winged individual runs as a 3rd party he will probably need protective custody.


Perish the thought that Obama could get re-elected. If Trump is endorsing Newt then maybe he can open a casino on the moon when Newt colonizes it,,,,,...!

Avatar local news said Trump will back Newt if he doesn't win the Republican race. This would create a 3 man race for president, which means Obama will win.


Leave it to weird hairdo wearing Trumpster to keep coming out of mothballs to attach himself to the political arena. I guess with all the Negative things that Trumpster accused The President of last year,it should be No surprise that Trumpster and Newton Leroy would become thick as thieves. What is surprising to me is that forever egomaniac Trump would start hanging out with someone with a better style of hair!!

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