Clash of the Covers: The Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood

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Six gorgeous cast members. Two sexy covers. Nearly no items of clothing to be found.

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly practically broke the Internet when it released the lead shot for its latest issue, which features Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in a smoldering embrace.

The image reminded many of a similar photo that graced the cover of Rolling Stone last year, one that also zeroed in on naked stars of a blood-sucking based series. See what we mean here and the let your voice be heard below...

  • VD on EW
  • Nude on Rolling Stone

Which cast is sexier?


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LOL @ the retarded comments complaining that the TVD cover looks like softcore porn, whilst TB has everyone completely naked and Sookies leg is up ready to take it from both ends! I watch both shows, and although TB has the bigger budget, Anna Paquin can't act for the life of her! If only the main character was someone more believable and sexy... she is supposed to be the sexy siren after all.


vam.......pire diaries


Vampire Diaries is for kids/teenagers and True Blood is for adults


Vampire Diaries!


Vampire Diaries all the way!!!!!


Am I the only one who thinks the True Blood cover looks like a porn? Prolly so, but they are completely naked in poses that insinuate sex. Children see these covers because they are a public magazine. I think Vampire Diaries at least leaves more to the imagination. They are both artful and go along with the shoes (i watch both) but True Blood is a bit too much. I love Ian Somerhalder!


TRUE BLOOD!! It's deliciously raunchy but tastefully done. Vampire Diaries cover looks like a soft core porno.. No offense. I really do like Vampire Diaries, but True Blood is MORE than just a love story, it has subtle teachings on life as well. And just look at Anna Paquin's toned body! I would kill to have a bod like that!


oh Sookie!!!! haha True Blood their cover wins by a long shot! sexy and shows a real fight for Sookie......vampire diaries is ehhh Elena just looks like shes down for a gang bang soft core porn style lmao


The vampire diaries wins. The true bloods one is a little gross to me.


true blood by a long shot!!!!!!!