Cat is Better Than You at Shell Game

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We would've loved to use the headline "Cat DOMINATES at Shell Game" here, but dude only went 2-for-3. Which is still good (better than most people even), just not dominant.

Keep practicing, kitty!

Nevertheless, you gotta respect the sheer focus and determination exhibited by the feline subject of this fun viral video. He is LOCKED IN on the popular gambling pastime.

Watch in awe at this cat's quasi-mastery of the shell game below:


Wow, thank you!I have more or less tried every possible comoinatibn of sourcing different files from others (even recursively and even setting special variables to prevent infinite loops). I finally understand what login (and the rest) mean, thanks a lot.I've actually been using zsh for a short while now; wondering whether to switch back to bash or copy over all my extensive bash cutomisations. ( It's easier to port a shell than a shell script. Larry Wall. )


awwwwwwww!!!!! cuttest thing ever !!!!!! that cat is so smart who says you cant train cats lol .


jaime bien ce chat


jaime bien ce cat

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