Bruce and Kris Jenner Talk Nonsense on Ellen

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That's it. We are gonna have to boycott Ellen DeGeneres after all.

Not because she's the spokesperson for JC Penney, of course, nor because she's a homosexual. But because the talk show host interviewed Bruce and Kris Jenner on air today, actually treating the topic of their daughter's marriage to Kris Humphries like a legitimate story.

"I trust my kids and we give them a lot of support," Kris Jenner said. "As a mom you want your kids to be really happy. What makes them happy makes us happy. It's our job to support them, so I don't question some of their decisions."

This same nonsense went on for a couple minutes, with Ellen even saying at one point it "must be hard" to be Kim these days. At least we assume she was talking about Kim; she may have been referring to Ray J's penis when he was having sex with Kim on tape.

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I accidentally ran into Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.
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Bruce and Kris Jenner Talk Nonsense on Ellen
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
Good luck!


@Truth, stfu. Your name should be @lies because more people hate them than like them.


Why in the world was Ellen sucking up to them? Was shocked by this. Thought, in her funny way, take them down a peg but she just kissed butt - done with Ellen.


Hi all i think men were created to struggled for a better life!!!! Am among them so if u find a loophole inform me.


Gaprincess no i wont shuttup! Ur probably ugly as hell hiding behind ur computer hating on the stars!! 0I0 stop f***cken hating on kim! Jesus!


The only K worth anything is Khloe, and she isn't even really Kardashian's kid.


Y'all Needs to checz y'all sef. Aintz none of y'all looks gudz as me! Word! I gotz my nail dun ane weave xstinshun. Shiiiitz. Errrrr bodie n de club wantz to looks likez Na nAy. Kim karkeesashian. Klo- Dat mo FO loks likez a sets of camel nutz lay on her face. Word!


Surely it's true,the fruit doesn,t fall far frm d tree,lyk mother lyk daughter


You guys all need to Wiley about y'all selves and care less it worry about anyonybody else, obviously you care to even talk about them, get a life, u wish to be rich and have what they have but you don't.. Too bad!!!! That's the only reason y'all get mad!! They made their lives successful unlike you who have to say something about them, guess what y'all are only like 15% of hatrers and the rest fans!!!!! Think about it now


The whole family is nuts. Maybe there is hope for Khloe who seems to be at least making an attempt at a normal life but look at the rest of them. An overbearing mother, a useless wimp of a stepfather, an two time unwed mother hooked up with a loser of a boyfriend and a girl who spent more time selecting her three wedding dresses than her one husband! Why do any of us even care what happens to them? They have no substance to them, they do no charity work, their selfish, self-centered and childish and yet people seem to be interested in their lives. Who cares?