Ellen DeGeneres Responds to JC Penney Protest, Lists Her Traditional Values

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Ellen DeGeneres was recently named a spokesperson for JC Penney.

Once this news broke, a conservative organization known as One Million Moms quickly launched an offensive to get the comedian fired from the gig. Bill O'Reilly addressed this topic on Fox News last night, taking the side that anyone is free to simply not shop at JC Penney... but to lobby for Ellen's ousting is un-American and wrong.

DeGeneres also touched on the scandal during her talk show monologue, keeping it short, but relying on two points:

  1. A number of comments left on the One Million Moms' own Facebook page are in support of JC Penney and express their authors' intention to shop there even more now.
  2. Have a problem with Ellen's "traditional values," as the group claims citizens should? Here they are: Honesty. Quality. Kindness. Compassion.

Vote now: Do you think Ellen should be fired from this role?


Kate, if you need any of those articles, let me know I have all of those in PDF rfomat. I also have about 6000 more in PDF rfomat, so I may have one if you cannot find it somewhere else.


Thanks Ellen


i will not every shop at jcp againe
i do not think she is good for our keds


i apoloGize again. is there anythinG else I got wrong?


@Ole Miss - Ellen is a wonderful woman. A lot of women wear pant suits... That comment strikes me as incredibly... Bizarre! Don't women wear pant suits wear ur from?


I woulD like to apoloGize for my insensitivity. did you say that he was not a man. I think that part is false. the Picture shown shows he is dressed like a man.


Ole Miss, Ellen, not Elien, is a woman. If you are going to believe in something you may want to know what it is that you are standing for or who you standing against. People are people and there is only one judge in this life. So if you believe in christianity you should also know that you should love people....all people and we will all have our day to be judged. Even you.


I love Ellen and I stand by her. I have not shopped in JC Penney for years but, I will be from now on. Ellen is amazing, funny, compassionate and more. Ellen make's you laugh and makes you cry. She loves people and helps out as much as she can.
I wish there were more people like her. I watch her show every day. JC Penney you did good with Ellen. One Million Mom's,you got problems. I Love you Ellen


CORNHOLING by definition is unlawful in the state of Mississippi. we will nots tolerate nor plea bargain the likes of mud packing muff diving or toss the salad. is sick and an abomination. I am a 5th generation democrat and we will not sway. do not think while you are visiting that wE will permit back doors entry in public RR. i have no feeling about elien. he seems like a good guy but we have standards in Ole miss.


Oh-oh! Pressed submit before I finished---stinkin' phone!! Anyway, I'm so over right-wing hate groups hiding behind religion to justify their disgusting & biased intolerance. One Million Morons is nothing more than a hate group.

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