Arizona CNN GOP Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Style!

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As has become our post-debate tradition, here's a highlight reel of last night's Republican CNN gathering in Arizona ... featuring Ron Paul and only Ron Paul.

He may be marginalized by the mainstream media, but he's shown no signs of quitting the GOP race, and was dishing it out left and right Wednesday.

Like a boss.

In particular, Paul took it to Rick Santorum so hard over his federal spending record, some are speculating that he made an alliance with Mitt Romney.

It's probably just that - speculation - but make no mistake, the Texas Congressman was on his game at last night's Republican debate. Take a look:


Thanks for posting this HG. NO ONE BUT PAUL will save us from another war. How can americans even consider voting for somebody who takes the US military to kill other people. We all bleed red blood.
If you voted for Bush you're an accessory to murder. If you voted for Obama, you're an accessory to murder. How does your conscience deal with this warmongers?


Ron Paul slaughtered his opponents in this debate. When will The People wake up?


Ron was very good at the debate, he has shined a spotlight on the privately owned evil federal reserve, and the power of LIBERTY. The sad truth of the matter is another 4 years of this evil administration will lead to civil unrest and or civil war, continued depression. The pres. voted to have newborn babies killed, if that isn't the face of evil put him in another term and you'll see what evil is.


Professional Politicians and lawyers will say anything to WIN! The goal is to WIN! Once they win, they are finished until the next contest.

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