16 and Pregnant Season 4 Trailer: New Cast, Same Problems

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The first 16 and Pregnant Season 4 trailer has been released by MTV, and gives fans a first look at 12 new struggling, knocked up kids / Teen Mom stars to be.

Debuting March 27, the new season features stars ranging from a former model and cage fighter to a teen mom deciding whether to put her newborn up for adoption.

"I'm pregnant," one of the soon-to-be moms says, "Like, what fun is that?"

Seriously. What a drag. Not that she's alone. Another mom playfully screams along with her baby during bath time. "I know," she says. "I feel the same way."

Watch the trailer for the new season of 16 and Pregnant below:

These youngsters have their work cut out for them. If last night's Teen Mom 2 reunion show is any indication, things aren't about to get any easier soon.

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im going to stay with this seasson cause the mom to one of the babys well her fiance died and he was one of the bros rip todd,jtmf,ernie u will allways be missed keep watching over us and ur family and baby lucus


i think it is wrong men leaves there woman pregnant


@guest, you said it better than anyone has ever said it on any other "16 and preg" article. You said it exactly right! They sit there and say "its not fair it is so hard because I can't hang out anymore i'm stuck at home with a baby while their partying" GRROW UPP! You are grown enough to have unprotected sex then you should be grown enough to realize your a mother now.


I just think that it's so annoying how when they get pregnant they don't realize they need to grow up, and be a parent to their child. It's not about them anymore, it's about their baby. So they shouldn't complain about how they can't party, or hang with friends, or go out. To bad, you are the one who got yourself into that whole situation. Take some responsibility for your actions. I'm no one to judge, no one is. But honestly if your gonna have sex there's a chance you will get pregnant. So don't get all pissed. Grow up. If those girls don't want a kid and thing it's gonna be to hard or are just plain not ready, give your kid up for adoption so they can have a great life with people who will take the time out to be a parent to them. It's not all fun and games, you either have sex carefully with the right protection. Or have unprotected sex and have the chance of getting pregnant. But don't complain if you do, it was your choice to have sex in the first place.


And to show i'm not just being judgemental I have a son and I'm 27 and I still find it tough juggling two jobs and being a mom without that tv money coming in steady.... MTV you used to be about the music now you are about crap F all cause I don't even watch you anymore........... This show is just stuuuuuuppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddd and only promotes teen pregnancy not practice safe sex.


Ok even if its a show about how hard it is to be a teenage mom there's one thing that differs from the rest they get paid for being on that show and than they have a chance to be on the teen mom show... So I believe all this is doing is to make more teen moms and in hope those moms get a shot at being on tv. Instead of glorifying and paying these teens, don't pay them at all! Than they won't be on tv and teen pregnancy rate will go down. How about a show about condoms and safe sex? Like the girl said, he said if he pulled out I wouldn't get pregnant......... Seriously who believes that shit anymore........... I'm seriously amazed at the stupidity of these teens....


Ativia, I 100% agree with what "wateva" said to you. Sorry, but you are the stupid one for not realizing that everything you said is exactly what they get paid for. It is obvious and has been stated that alot is scripted. Such as the parts where they are with friends or family and ask questions about their lives. Scripted! Not all of it is, but some. Also, I understand it is hard to be a teen mom, but alot of the things that happen to them now probably wouldn't happen to them if it weren't for the show. Yes it does show the hard parts of being a teen mom but do you know how many freaking 16 year old girls openly admit that they got pregnant in hopes of being on the show? ALOT!They did a poll asking would you get preg to be on the show and 78 percent said yes.Because of this show girls think they can get a fat check and be famous for being a teen mom..these girls are stupid for doing that but this show provokes it


Actually you're the stupid one if you don't see that these loser teenagers will deal with everything you just mentioned for the paycheck and the attention. Duh!