Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins Star and Playoff MVP, Snubs Obama White House Visit

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Congratulating the Boston Bruins on the 2011 Stanley Cup championship, President Barack Obama welcomed the team, with one notable omission, to the White House.

Goaltender Tim Thomas, the team's linchpin and only the second American player ever to win playoff MVP, having posted two shutouts in the Final, skipped the event.

Thomas said months ago he would not attend due to political and ideological differences with the Obama administration, and he stayed true to his word yesterday.

Bruins, Obama

Bruins team president Cam Neely said he could've forced Tim Thomas to go, but did not do so, and feels the decision was Thomas' and the team honors his choice.

"Everybody has their own opinions and political beliefs. He chose not to join us," said Neely. "We certainly would have liked to have him but that's his choice."

"All the guys came except for Tim. It's his decision and his choice."

While his politics aren't common knowledge among many fans, Thomas hasn't hidden his leanings as an unabashed Glenn Beck fan and "true Tea Party patriot."

On the one hand, when the President asks you to visit the White House event, shouldn't you just go, regardless of political differences with the administration?

On the other hand, should Thomas be praised - whether you agree with his views or not - for using a unique moment to make a political statement of his own?

Thomas will no doubt lose a lot of supporters over this, but you have to at least respect an athlete who uses his fame or influence for something he believes in.

Right? Tell us if we're on point or off the mark in the comments.


He did what he thought was right. Ultimately Obama is in office despite what Tim Thomas's vote was. He has the right to vote for whomever he deems fit to hold office, and he also has the right to refuse to visit the President, hould he see fit. Is that not what America is founded upon? The land of the free? Where a man can do or say as he sees fit as long as his words or actions are not based on an unfair stereotype?


Wow... I can't believe people are defending him for such a disrespectful act. What ever happened to the "Let's agree to disagree and move on"? If Tim Thomas is so angry with his government, why did he choose to represent the USA at the Olympics? Tim Thomas is the perfect example of how divisive things are within the US. And for all those people who consider themselves very far right, think about this: What would your reaction be if say Jeremy Roenick had been invited to the see Mr. Bush and he chose to decline because he did not agree with his decision to start a war of falsified information? I'm guessing it would be plastered all over Fox news and you would be upset and saying exactly what I'm saying.


@Clarence Lee- Respect is something you earn not given- You being in the Military can understand that! Hurricane Katrina -when " Useless" Kanye West got on TV and verbally trashed our President Bush-Now that is a lack of Respect. The Black Track&Field Olympic USA participants with the Black Glove and Fisted raised! That is Disrespect to the Country. Obama gets no respect because he has yet displayed ANY kind of Leadership. he is an Arrogant-Egotistical-Crooked Chicago Politician that has the destinct ability to talk for an Hour and a Half and not say shit. At least 40% of this Country has absolutely NO faith in him. This guy has the Country Swimming in a Sea of Shit! People are Free to do what they want ask any Black Person!


I feel thomas actions were disrepectful to the office of the president of the unit states!!no matter what his views are he should have voiced them but not refuse to attend the invite.As a retired military soldier I am out raged at the disrespect shown to our president,I say if he don't like the way things are done go to another country,he wouldn't walk away from his team if things weren't going the way he desired.If so many americans who complain were as to put on a unifrom and defend the rights of america very few would do so,yet these are the ones who complain and disrepect out flag,president and those are tring to do the right thing for the country!!!!


Here's a completely useless fact, but interesting. There are more people that have been arrested for treason than any other presidency in history. It was his right not to attend....free will and all.


So tell me again -Whats the problem?


I'm Canadian, from Vancouver actually so maybe I'm biased lol but I believe that the man who runs your country deserves your respect even if you don't always agree with him. I don't always agree with the policies of the Conservative Party led by Stephan Harper (our Prime Minister) but if ever I was bestowed the honor of his presense I'd take it as such. An honor. Obama didn't invite the team to the White House. The President of the United States did. I think Thomas chose the wrong way to show his disagreement with the policies of his government. It was very disrespectful.


Since when is snubbing the President of the United States considered patriotic? President Obama was elected to the Oval Office (fair & square, unlike 2000 election). Just because one does not agree with certain policies, does not make one any more or less patriotic! I myself am progressive & liberal; that doesn't make me less American than anyone else. And Phil is right, Tim snubbed his teammates.


"Not only are you a great goaltender but an honest man as well."
An honest man doesn't hide behind the bull about not liking either party when he's known as a conservative. If he'd had the guts to say, I don't like our president and I don't want his acknowledgment, I'd have thought he was an idiot but I would have defended his right to not show up. His political ideology mattered more to him today than his teammates. That's not an honorable man. Period.


Way to go, Tim Thomas!! You have to respect a man who stands up for what he believes. Something President Obama has not done since he's been in office. Not only are you a great goaltender but an honest man as well. Something all political parties could learn from!

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