THG Presents: The Top 10 Celebrity Offspring Singers!

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Did you hear? Jane Carrey, daughter of beloved actor Jim Carrey, received a golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol this week.

But the 24-year old still has a long way to go until she's considered one of the premiere celebrity offspring singers. That's right, there are a number of famous artists with similarly famous parents. We count them down below...

10. Hank Williams Jr. - Son of Hank Williams Sr. Loses points for being a narrow-minded moron.

9. Lisa Marie Presley - Daughter of Elvis Presley. Never responsible for any major hits. But her kiss of Michael Jackson at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards was sort of a musical moment that will last forever.

8. Natalie Cole - Daughter of Nat King Cole. Who will ever forget the digitally-recorded, aptly-titled duet between father and child, "Unforgettable?"

7. Robin Thicke - Son of Alan Thicke. Has written songs for Jennifer Hudson, Usher and Mary J. Blige. Impressive!

6. Willow Smith - Daughter of Will and Jada Smith. Hasn't accomplished a great deal since whipping her hair all around, but is only 11. Still has time.

5. Jane Carrey - Daughter of Jim Carrey. Will move up a lot higher if she wins American Idol.

4. Jordin Sparks - Daughter of former NFL star Phillipi Sparks. Idol champion. Super Bowl national anthem singer. Broadway actress.

3. Chynna Phillips - Daughter of John Phillips. Would not even had made this list a year ago. But did you see Bridesmaids?!? A surprise top three entrant.

2. Liza Minnelli - Daughter of Judy Garland. Veteran of the song and stage industry, has won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award. Also, recurred on Arrested Development.

1. Miley Cyrus. Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. No Oscar, Emmy, Grammy or Tony Award. But advanced to the finals of our first-ever tournament of THG.


Miley fakes



Miley, you're the best! I love you!


Liza Minnelli was blessed with the genes of two Hollywood heavyweights, her mother Judy and her director dad Vincente Minnelli.
Of course we can associate Chynna Phillips with the genes of The Mamas and Papas duo Michelle and John Phillip. Robin Thicke may have reached superstardom in recent years, but both his parents are multi-talented forces to reckon with. Robin's mother is singer Gloria Loring who was a favorite on Soap's Days of our Lives for years. She had a superhit song back in the 1980's called Friends and Lovers with Carl Anderson. Back in the early 1990's *I saw Robin's dad Alan Thicke at (The) Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, and he is a master showman. * I had No idea that he was such a talented singer. Considering the fact that both of Alan's parents are songwriters (Different Strokes and Facts of Life) *we do Not have to look inside of a crystal ball to know that Robin's talents as a singer and songwriter will keep him in show business for a long time!!


The only narrow minded moron i know of is the author of this rant.


Poor little rich girl. I'm sure she needs the money more than the nobodies that are trying to be a somebody. I'm also sick of these bitches who feel as though they have to wear a bikini for tryouts. Is this American Idol or Project Runway? If they had a voice they wouldn't need a gimmick for attention.


NOT TO MENTION. She wasnt even a GREAT singer, They only put her through because Jim is her father.


This shit pisses me off! American Idol is NOT suppose to be for people who are famous! Seriously, She only got on this show cause of her dad. Everyone knows the show is rigged, 50% of people who go to audition are sent home without even being heard!

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