Hank Williams Jr. Likens President Obama to Hitler, Renders Even Fox News Panel Speechless

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Are you ready for some insanity?

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    This is way better than a brick & mortar eastlbihsment.


    You liberal idiots don't know what you're talking about all he said was that Barack Obama playing golf with Bohner was like hitler playing golf with neytanyahu because Obama is way left wing and bohner is right wing who are people who usually hate each other like hitler and a Jewish person playing golf (Netanyahu) get the fucking point Hank jr. Isn't a moron you people are the morons for not understanding what he meant


    @danny cool story bro.. its funny how u wrote a whole thing but dont know crap about what u were talkin about. Hank wrote a whole song bashing george bush and horrible he was. But i guess only racist rednecks would know that right?


    i think that espn is stupid for letting him go... i think that hank had every right to say what he wants.... i personally dont look down on hank but i do look down on espn now... i think that this world is in the dumps i think that there wasnt enough resarch done when the president was chosen to be in office and i think that this world has come down to everyone lieing so what is different if the president is doing it... i feel bad for the military familys and i feel bad for this world.. but i dont think that a country singer like hank should be let go for stating his opionion... so what he is famous... who cares he has a heart and he breaths the same air... he is no better than anyone else he is human if anyone else would have said this they wouldnt think nothing about it... you all are overreacting and it is crazy all i got to say is GO HANK!!!!!!


    @ Danny: You call him a "redneck" and a "loser," but look at your post. You have no capitalization and your sentences run together, which tells me you are a loser pencil-neck, who's stupid to boot. Go fuck yourself and your ugly mother.


    Way to get what he said wrong, Big Media douchebag. To take your stupid logic to its conclusion, you should be outraged that he compared Boehner to Netanyahu, since you hate Israel. Oh wait, you hate Boehner too, so nver mind. He didn't say BO was Hitler or Hitler-like, although both ARE socialist tyrants. He was simply saying that it would be as silly for Hitler and Netanyahu to play golf together as it was for those stupid Republicans to play golf with THEIR polar opposite. I always suspected you Big Media types were dumb, now I know.


    @pennie ur a dumb c, his dad dying when he was 5 has nothing to do with not liking obama and the fact that u would go that far for obama is pathetic. F obama why does he deserve respect to the point that we cant voice our opinions? He is not above the constitution. @zlister i love ur last comment, i couldnt have said it better myself.


    @ sue, whatever, if America is soo racist then why the heck did Osama typo..*b win the freakin election? Americans are more accepting nowadays even though racism still exists. This really pisses me off, why is the "president" being put above God? Seriously everyday God's name is used in vain, he's insulted, oh but no one says anything about that. I'm not bringing religion into this cuz idk what God you believe in but that's not the point. The point is, is he's being praised and defended and so on... He's idolized, it's pathetic. And btw whatever happened to the "I'll bring back home the troops a few months into my term in office"?? I feel bad for the wives, mothers, sons and daughters of these people. Oh but O doesn't care he's out vacationing and having fun. I bet he forget that there even is a war!! I'm sorry but I'm not putting this guy above God.


    Heck, if anyone at all should be offended, it should be any surviving (and admitting to that fact) family of Adolf Hitler...and I s'pose Nazi's that are still kicking might could be offended too.


    Whats wrong with what {BOCEPHUS} HANK said, everyone has there own opinion. He should of just told them about one of the many great songs he recorded!!! IF THE SOUTH WOULD OF ONE WE WOULD HAVE IT MADE. Thanks Mr hank for all the great music you do. Im behind you all the way. Lets go FISHING OR HUNTING SOMETIME!

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