THG Presents: Best of Celebrity Marijuana Scandals!

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Sorry, Armie Hammer. Your arrest for marijuana possession didn't even make THG's Top 10 favorite marijuana scandals ... though it did inspire us to compile the list!

Note that there are plenty of pot smokers out there who don't appear here simply because they haven't been busted for their antics. We snub them, but they win!

Anyway, take a look at some recent stars involved in weed-related police matters below and vote for which celebrity stoner is your favorite ...

Chace Crawford Mug Shot
Matthew McConaughey mug shot

10. Chace Crawford / Matthew McConaughey (tie). The Texans tie for the 10 spot based on the classic mug shots taken after their respective arrests.

9. Snoop Dogg. Snoop's arrest this month was about as shocking as ... the #7 man on this list, who was also cited for possession in the same TOWN!

8. Jermaine Hopkins / Sam Hurd (tie). The Lean On Me star and Chicago Bears player may not be household names ... but were big time DEALERS.

7. Willie Nelson. Seriously, just leave Willie alone cops.

Soulja Boy Mug Shot
New Brooke Mueller Mug Shot

6. Soulja Boy. Recently pulled over with his entourage carrying a bunch of weed, cash and a gun. All in one briefcase. Sometimes you gotta travel light.

5. Michael Phelps. Don't hit the bong after winning a gold medal, kids.

4. Brooke Mueller. Charlie's ex claims her infamous crack pipe incident merely involved weed. Even if you give her the benefit of the doubt, what a mess!

3. Jenelle Evans. Girl can't go 24 hours without smoking up! Or getting arrested. At least some of her probation woes stem from positive drug tests.

2. Miley Cyrus. Our #2 scandal didn't even involve weed, necessarily ... but Miles totally smokes it, and who else could compete with this bong video!

1. DMX. The all-time king of celebrity mug shots is only slightly less known for his affinity for the sticky-sticky. Sometimes those things are related!

Who's your favorite celebrity stoner?


Smoking weed is better than drinking alcohol. Fact. And its well on its way to legalization. I smoke to NOT slap the stupid out of ppl with ignorant opinions based on no facts. ;)

Miley fakes

thhaaaaaats a good one babe


my big salute for u miley
what are you doing
u just lost ur image in front of peoples
we want that miley who is 12 year old gal
i miss that miley


uauu!!!Am plans ,am ras ,am avut eiitomi.Super tare!!!!lam vazut de +20 de ori si inca nu mam plictisit de mie nu mi se incarca deloc greu .Merge foarte bne!


So what they smoke weed not like crack or anything. That is their choice i use to smoke weed what you lot gona say but me huh. Its none of our damn business what they do in their personal life. if they smoke the weed what can we do part from slag them off oooooooo like thats gona stop them


What a shame... Miley, why did you turn into this? Think about your family! When you're older and you decide to have kids, you'll carry all the drugs you've been using to your children and will (literally) become a baby addicted to drugs already. Think about that.

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