The Bachelor Promo: Courtney Robertson Nude Alert!

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Blame it on editing if you like, but in just four episodes, Courtney Robertson has already cemented her place as one of the great villains in the history of The Bachelor.

She's just getting started, too.

Next week features the already-infamous scene in which Courtney takes things to new depths in her quest to claim Ben's heart (and other body parts) for her own.

Even Ellen told him he's being played, but when a model strips down and goes skinny dipping in the ocean with you, rational thoughts may be on the back burner.

Can she be stopped before it's too late?

Watch Ben Fljanik and Courtney Robertson's nude moment in the promo for Monday's episode of The Bachelor (after this week's DRAMATIC rose ceremony) below:

The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson ...


What is wrong with Courtney's upper lip; it is gross beyond words? She is a very evil person and I don't understand Ben's thinking at all. Please don't pick her Ben.


I almost puked watching this...Shame on you Ben you made your family proud..this should of showed you the type of girl she REALLY is..I wouldn't want to see my son play out his life on TV and end up with someone like her..She IS NOT the type of girl I would want as a daughter in-law I'd be afraid she would turn my son against the family and then look in the mirror as she would say..."WINNING".. I guess its true Ben you were thinking with the wrong head!!! I SO agree with Catherine she IS a FAME HOE!


I think Courtney just wants to win. Her catch phrase is, after all, "winning!" She uses her body to get what she wants. I don't even think her face is that pretty compared to many other girls on the show. There are rumors that Courtney is the final woman who is Ben's pick. If so, I think America will be disappointed in both of them. The fact that Ben has kept Courtney there this long makes me question him altogether-I don't think I'd want to be on the show with him as the bachelor.


From what Courtney has shown us she is a horrible person and only cares about winning. It does not seem as though she actually likes/loves Ben it is all about getting herself out there and winning. I have come to not like Ben either because he can not see through her it is extremely obvious to most people the kind of person she is. He may just like the attention but to try and build something with someone that fake is horrible. I never realized how closed minded men were but obviously Ben is the looks is all he is looking at and there are a lot better looking girls there then Courtney. Courtney has to constantly tell us she is a model which I can not even believe because I don't see it. She maybe tall and skinny but that is it.


She clearly has an alcohol problem and it's very clear she is a sociopath. Good for the PHD girl who looks out for Ben. He will call and apologize to her when he sees what a nutcase Courtney is.


Ben is an idiot! He'll get what he deserves with the bigger idiot Courtney. Her modeling pictures are decent, but on the show, she is one ugly woman. Her personality make her even uglier. Come on Ben, you had some very attractive, smart women with class and personality, but if the "flake" is what you want, then you get the "flake". Bet you a million, she won't stick it out with you, like she says, it's only about "winning". You are a big idiot, Ben.


I hate her bad manners, the bitch is there to make a name for herself. This affair won't last with Ben, he'll see through her real soon!


that courtney bitch is in for FAME and for BEns MONEY!!!BITCH>

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