Selena Gomez Goes Blurple: Love It or Hate It?

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Robert Pattinson is not the only mega star to have recently undergone a hair transformation.

Selena Gomez paid a visit to Nine Zero One salon in Hollywood this week and added some serious color to her locks in preparation for her upcoming tour. We're not exaggerating:

Colorful Selena Gomez Hair

The look is only temporary, however, and it's not even real. The shades of blue and purple are courtesy of Great Lengths hair extensions. Although.. we sort of like it. How about you?

What do you think of Selena's brightened look?


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PRETTY. I luv I selena


Selena gomez official email is


This is for. Anna
For one if i want to. Tlk sh** its bcuz i want to not to make me feel better about myslf. Nd sec. Shu** the FU** up bcz u sound lik a lil BIT** try to defend sum1 who for. One doesnt know u exist... nd learn to spell u dumb nut....


Rankster or what eva that dosent prove a thing and good advice "Anna"!


"Gissell" or what ever this is for you:#1I bet she's 10,000 times better lookn than you.
#2 I bet justin beiber dosent even know you exsist!
#3 they didn't brake up.
*your the type of person that wants to put people down to make yourself feel better! And if you don't like it (witch u do just tryn to get back @ her for daten JB)why bother sayn it? Keep it to ur self!!!


so original way to go pinky


just like bradjelena duh


Jelena? get a life please


and anyway, you can tell that pic is totally photo edited because of the fact that her face seems to be orange, either its edited or she is rubbish at putting her face on.


seriously guys, you are all sad, her hair is not dareing its just hair, daring hair is jared letos hair from 30stm where he a a bright pink mohocke, get lives people, and stop wathing disney channel.