Roseanne Barr Calls Out Obama, Beyonce, "Drooling Mutant" Fans of Singer

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Roseanne Barr is mourning the death of music legend Etta James in an odd way: by talking $hit about President Obama and Beyonce.

Basing a round of criticism on Obama asking Beyonce to cover the James classic "At Last" during a 2009 inauguration ball, Roseanne Tweeted yesterday: "I lost ALL respect for Obama when he dissed Etta James in favor of Beyonce," later adding:

"I have not listened to anything Beyonce or Jay z has said or recorded since they did that to Etta. Their arrogance was disgusting."

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Roseanne, who actually just had a pilot picked up by NBC, then focused her rage on those who dare to support the new mother of Blue Ivy, writing: "Beyonce’s fans are really ignorant-she should not be proud of entertaining drooling mutants!"

Soon after Beyonce serenaded the Obamas with "At Last," James herself also called her and the President out - but both she and Roseanne appear to be missing a crucial point: James did not originally record the song, either. Her version was a cover of a cover.


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@ Track-a'Crat ... ugh Joy Behar. i conant stand her or those other three women on that show. i have no idea how Hasselbeck does it.@ Flavor C ... give me a little credit now. i did note at the top that she is a has-been and horrible singer. if a more relevant celebrity rips on Obama, i'll be sure to make note of it.


reed , u say alot about yourself with your filthy mouth

T jones

@Reed. Bitch, since you put my username in your know good and goddamn well that the reason why you are criticizing Obama is because you are a stupid racist pig!! But you think you're slick, don't you, bitch?! Trying to make black people look paranoid when they call your ass out on your lies. MOST BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID LIKE YOU ARE, BITCH!!! If you don't like the fact that black people are entitled to the same rights and privileges that you are entitle to, WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE?!!! And your mangy dog don't want to kiss the crust off of the crack of your nasty stank ass!!

T jones

Barr is just pissed off because no one is paying attention to her racist ass anymore. She and John Goodman are both aryan racist to the fifth power! When was the last time that bitch had a goddamn job?! She is trying to get her name back in the media. And what better way for a racist bitch to get that kind of attention than to single out the people who have already been victimized since this country have been stolen from the indigenous people over 500 years ago? I do not give a rat's ass if she is claiming to be defending Etta James, which is pure bullshit, because the bitch is a straight-up racist from the fiery pits of hell!!


Most people don't want to hear or see that congress didn't want pass any bill that Obama is trying to send in. What is going happen is the richer is going to get rich and the poor is going to stay poor. When Obama got in offices it was plan to make it all his fault. The house of reps is laughting all the way to take over the white house. People can be stupid if they want, people talking about we lost faith in the president. He is not doing his job, he act like a celebrity.


Some of these comments are crazy.We buy music, memorabilia and attend concerts for artists because we want to.We did the same with Roseanne.I used to like her but I stop for other things she has said.Let these stars do their own thing, they have the money to do it because of "drooling fans".As for this economy, most people seem to be upset because they think Obama failed but did we forget how he inherited a terrible economy.I don't fault him I fault Congress and those he fight with everyday.They sit there and block everything he tries to do but gave Bush what he wanted.We went to a war that cost money, they let banks take advantage of the American Dream of homeownership, and then stepped out of office and will be taken care of by his oil money for the rest of his life.He keeps his government benefits, and can forget about the $%@* he screwed up.After all this, as Americans, we still haven't learned a thing about togetherness.We are trying to keep each other down based on the race card.


@Neci-your Racist Ass is done with me? I'll hold you to that.


What was done to Etta James was inexcusable. I will never vote for Obama to win anything--not even PTA President in a third world country. I will cheer as loud as I can the day he is out of office for good. Long Live Etta James GMC
President and CEO
Dirty South TV


@Reed, look at ur comments! His black ass, your black ass, black this, welfare here and there. Just comment it already, you are a undercover racist lol. You can comment me being stupid, but look on the bright side/ i do have a SENSE of humor lol. Im done with you, please have a great day or night.


@Neci- This in itself is the Problem with you Blacks/ it's always Race! My Problem- Obama Fucking with Health Care- Obama not wanting to produce Jobs- as a result my Taxes go to more Welfare and Food Stamps. Obama- being arrogant and not willing to find a Solution to this Economy problem. Obama- getting this Country futher in debt. His Half Black Ass is way down on the Pecking order. You point a finger at me without knowledge of the issues- YOU are the Racist. Not to mention you are not Educated.

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