Rihanna: Smoking the Weed in Hawaii?

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Rihanna chilled out with what appeared to be either a joint or a hand-rolled cigarette while vacationing in Hawaii on Sunday, according to these hot new photos.

Whatever she was smokin' with her wavy hair cascading over her high forehead, Rihanna's clad in black leggings and a pink top, looking mellow as can be.

We're half-stoned just looking at these Rihanna pictures:

Kush Photo
Rihanna Smokes

The 23-year-old tweeted, "Kush rolled, glass full... I prefer the better things," quoting the lyrics from her pal Drake's marijuana-inspired song, "Up All Night."

Kush is a name for a high-grade strand of marijuana. It's possible she was just channeling her inner Drake and wasn't puffing on it here, however.

We don't know. Or judge. Maybe she's just high ... on life?

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It's only weed for Pete's sake. It's less harmful than alcohol and she isn't driving a car. Let her have some R&R in peace. Weed should be legal, anyway. Mellow out, Girlfriend.


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