Report: Oprah Named Godmother of Blue Ivy Carter!

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Blue Ivy Carter totally has it made in the shade at age three weeks.

Not only are her parents Beyonce and Jay-Z, she's got freaking OPRAH as her godmother, according to reports. Media Takeout says that the godfather of beautiful baby Blue is Mr. Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith, a longtime close friend of Jay-Z's.

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The inside source who told the questionably reliable site claims that the couple did not want to name people they are already related to as godparents.

They are close to Smith, and have become close with Oprah in recent years.

This much is factual: The talk show legend already along a mammoth trunk full of books as a baby present for little Blue after Beyonce gave birth Jan. 7.

Godmother or not, Blue's got an in with O. Kelly Rowland is so jealous.

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I love blue ivy carter and monroe and monr


I love Blue Jay so much. You'll find me there on most Tuesdays gneittg sloppy and eating their hamburger which actually tastes more like a hamburger-shaped meatball minus the pasta sauce. (Read: delicious)


i used to love beyonce 2 thing 1 why would she be married to jay-z he's is so hideous and2 why blue ivy carter i hope they now what it's spelled backwards and if they do then their just plane stupid/retarded to pick such a name she ain't gonna have friends in school cuz the kids going to be scared of her.p.s. i saw this sing on a church that said beyonce just had her baby (blue ivy carter)a devil has been born!!


The cutiest storey ever. Am so loving this.


Hi its imani woods and im here to say that ive always loved ya music b and never had intentions of anything i could wait till u had a baby in 2008 though anyhow anyways much luv and god bless i luv u beyonce always diva !!!!! :) xooxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxx!!!!!!


I think you guys have always been the cutest couple and have lasted a long time because life does have its ups and downs but to have this little tiny gift in your life is the best blessing ever congratulations on your new beginning as god continues to bless your family and keep your head up.


Nice God blesse there family


Dammit Pam you can be so freakin insensitive.


What happened to her "best friend", Kelly Rowland being the godmother. If I were Kelly, I would feel cheated and jaded on this issue. My best friend is my child's godmother.


funny how people make the dumbest comments in the attempt to try to be so "cool". "I'm over this baby" REALLY? how about you stop clicking the links to the stories. how about you stop commenting. if you're really over it...SHOW IT. :)